Each a proven worry end solution

Mega Power's powerful Engine Treatment is the smart car owners product to keep his engines clean and trouble free. Complex in purpose, but easy for any man or women, not just mechanics to installs.Mega Power's Powerful Engine Transmission Additives are helping the smart car owner the way to remove friction and clean their engine and transmissions for decades of trouble free operation. Complex engine cleaning made easy for any man, women, mechanics. Nothing else ever invented to do so. Ship to your door in 3 days with double your $ back guarantee if it fails to please.

Order my Mega Power Brand Engine Problem Ending Treatment online,  here,  Use it for 30 days before payment to make sure its what your engine needs to run great again. 

 We won't charge your cc  anytime in 30 days if not more than pleased with results.  Just tell me it failed to work for a 100%  refund on the spot guarantee. 

Why these additives? : Why better... why I call them Mega Power's Engine Fixher. 

  • Additives are the vitamins and meds  that help your vehicles run better years longer.  
  • On the other hand if dot use them vehicles have %50 shorter lives and costly wear repairs. 
  • Not all additives offer those benefits, but I was lucky to find these two brands  those kind.
  • The Mega Power Additives shown here area treatment for servicing every year and for ending problems. if your now looking for a fix.

Good for brand new, rebuilt, and engines and transmissions needing help .

new engine will produce  a certain horsepower.  Graphs show this.

  • However,  friction resulting from oil breakdown on stressed parts  is not evident. 
  • Adding our Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives will remove friction and as oil breakdown occurs, not let raw metal-to-metal friction occur.  A rise in horsepower occurs.  
  • A reason for race teams who know this secret in the additive uses them to gain a winning edge.
  • So should you. Learn more>

What is the graft result in an older engine after Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives are in it? 

  • The dozen or more graphs reporting each systems efficiency ratio operating full blast on a dyno will show  very  desirable  peak readings.  These show more horsepower output and lower emissions by use of the  additives shown above.
  • Driving will show the same results the driver can hear, see, feel.
  • What's this got to do with your problem?

Ending engine transmission problems with Mega Power's Additives

  • A vehicle in need of repair will show wachy efficiency in  such test... 
  • You already know that.
  • After a week of driving  with these additives the problem will disappear. 
  • Usage will end your problem because they have that feature. to clean smooth recondition .
  • That ends problems believe it or not. 
  • Results the driver can hear, see, feel.

Should you use this product in a new vehicle? Yes! Old worn one ones with problems? YES!

  • Dirty conditions and wear are not in a new engine sand transmissions. 
  • Improvement in  lower exhaust emissions and a horsepower gain means a negative was removed.  
  • Engines torn down to take pictures of the surfaces before and after reveal the improvement Mega Power Engine Fixher provides. Smoother shinier surfaces.
  • No need to do this check.
  • Driving will show the same results the driver can hear, see, feel.

Pour in the Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives  in the fuel engine transmission radiator steering  an a/c to improve friction reduction and pepiery response gained. As ign of wear reduction significant to feel occurs. 

  •  When the engine, transmission, radiator, steering, a/c and wheel bearings receive the bumper-to-bumper Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives Treatments the most horsepower is developed - and the lowest emissions results. It's understandable due to their cleaning protecting and friction reducing features.  Not removing those system negatives contribute  the causes of  present operating and mechanical problem repairs. Try Mega Power without cost to tend them. I feel its the car and diesel treatment you need for true car care and lhe vehicles best performing and longest life.

  •  However,  when these 6 additives for the engine, and its companion servicing treatment from Mega Power for the transmission radiator, steering a/c and wheel bearings  get serviced with. The results restore the new car truck diesel maximum range of good readouts. 
  • .  Ordinary driving afterwards will also provide a huge noticeable improvement. 

 Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatment  products shown, never fails to bring back the vehicles most desirable way to run the best!  Its what you thought your oils and fluid changes and repairs should do -butyou now know  Mega Power's has the treatment that does. No lesser or more additives have ever match the new cars performance and opertaion and decades longer life that this combination.  Try it for 30 days and them pay for if its what's missing in your car care sprotection.

Order the  Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatment, and our other Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives shown.

Have an engine problem?

Start with our Engine Fixer if there's a problems. Shipped to your door in about 3  days, with free phone help if needed. Easy-to-follow  install directions - Guaranteed to have your car running racy smooth, quiet as new. Problem gone.  just $95 - total.  Click cart button to purchase.   Order now receive our  $29 Radiator Leak Preventer Additive for free for even more car care protection..

girl beside car hood upVehicles make our life easier to manage - except when some operating problem pops up. Some have the mechanic fix it. Other find additives do it just as well, but way cheaper. That help, I teach here at Contact Info: On a cell phone. To ask about your vehicle problem. Order items mentioned, call me...text me... george at 512 665 3388  

      YOU  Know Your

Cars  and Diesels 

       Are Made To Last A Long Time.

          Run Problem Free. But  they don't...

Except if you do THIS When a Problem Appears....? 

    Early in my life, I looked for alternatives to  my older, high mileage  ( the cars I could afford ) cars popping up ENGINE and TRANSMISSION operating  problems.

The reason for shortcuts to keep them going ?  Repair -is costly... an I didn't have the funds to pay for them.  So I tried additives to see if their would end them. Did they ? Nope!

You like me and most vehicle owners, think the oils and fluids an additives we bought at the part stores should prevent operating and wear out problems. They didn't!  The pricy ones with their claims do not end the problems the vehicles have.

This led me to becoming a mechanic --- surely, they are taught such things.

     Nope! I know. I  went to trade school. They ignore additicvesa s part of repair. 

   We are taught to identify problem areas of the engine and transmissions, and components.  Price out their parts and labor cost, and replace those parts, if the customer said to. 

    At 22, a friend suggested I check out Justice Brothers Additives in Azusa California - nearby - to sell their additives to mechanics. They have a  than everyone elses, he said. I did.

    But I wasn't convince until they ran test of friction reduction and cleaning out of sludge and carbon capabilities of their products, c and I installed them in my cars.

    They had a lesson on each feature.

    Their lessons on additives features good and bad and their products amazing ability to restore engine performanace, tune up tapping, and gear shift performance  shift problem fixes are the tools of the trade I now promote - but doing so with a similar company called Mega Power Additives.  Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives promoted an additive for engines they said made an amazing improvement to engine operation and problem solving no oil or additive could do.

    I replied at their interview," you can get additives in part stores." "Not ones that frees stuck dirty parts and smooths away their friction," he, Ed Justice said and took me into their lab. And to a machine that tested additives and oils. Did so by putting 5 years wear on them motor parts in a few seconds - doing so with an ear splitting squealing and grinding loaded under hundreds of pounds pressure. 

    Taking away 5 to 10 years wear on the part the clean new surface in ten seconds. Then adding his additives that lubes when oil is squeezed away - ending the squeals, stopping the grinding - giving a the running parts a sudden running perfectly well without oil, perfectly smooth.  I then suggested he test my engines oil - the best OIL with a part store additive in it - and I was sure it also would stop the grinding squealing under pressure  as his did.

    It did nothing of the sort! Yet with his additive added into it,  my oil also ran with a sudden running perfectly well without oil, perfectly smooth.  twice the wear factor on them. 

   He explained their tune up features to improve piston and rig and bearing oiling and to clean rings and valves to operated to produce more power output - customers could see and enjoy. Showing  mechanics  and getting them to do better repairs and tune ups and smoother shifting, profiting off the a Justice Brothers Additives.

   I retired off that job, then years later, found  a similar line with Mega Power Brand Automotive Additive Maker.  A researcher producing similar formulas but for specific car, farm , and race car sludge, friction and their problem causing removing problems.

  Learn more... about Engine FixHer << click here.

Or Order  our Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives . Like  - for its problem ending feature and promoted for 30 years. Try it. Your money refunded if it fails to end the problem.     

Order the  Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, with free phone help if needed. Easy-to-follow directions - Guarantee -  at this cart button. $95 - total. Click cart button to purchase.   Order here today and get our $29 Radiator Leak Preventer Additive for free for its car care introductory.

  ....The Part store additive  did nothing of the sort! Yet with his additive added into my oil my engine  ran with a sudden  perfectly well,  perfectly smooth OPERATION.  CUTTING FRICTION AND COATING THE wear factor on MY ENGINE PARTS WAS AMAZING. 


  Here listed for you are my recipes and my years of expertise FOR MAKING the Mega Power Additive Treatments. Each ends the automotive tune, fuel, engine,  transmission, radiator ,steering and a/c problem your vehicles have. 

   Featuring Mega Powers anti-wear - which slams the brakes on wear and sludge formation - with usages at each oil and fluid change - returns and keeps the original, brand new -like power zip and operation of new - for next 100,ooo miles  - for car and equipment owners who see the value of learning how to add endurance to the second of the costliest things they own.

We listed the Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives having the longest record online to be complaint free. 

Unlike other additive makers that also sell products to end a few problems - but not mechanical problems  - Mega Power seems to end them all.

They are unusual, not because they  end mechnical problems  - the costliest to repair.  But because you get a tune up with each treatment - usually matching your car dealers service for your vehicle - but not with any end to any problems  - as Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives provides. 

What Mega Power Does to End Your Vehicle Problem.

To do so, after adding the ingredients into the component as shown to,  the ingredients go where the oil or fluid can't go - to  start undueing the problem. This feature to do so has won them a loyal following - 

How to get started with Mega Problem Solving Features. 

To  help you end your problem, I've packaged them to tackle the whole internal problem and the  cause  - 

Unlike other additives sold, that  skirt around the problem causes, [that's why they 're cheaper - but some are more expensive. So check their features against these ].

You add the Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives Products as shown to the fluids - drive a bit to let the additives use the engine or components negatives to actually reverse the problem they caused.

As you drive the problem smooths out and simply goes away. A new-like feel returns.

All in a service anyone can do  - nothing to take apart. Not just for mechanics. 

Other benefits include a tune up. A release of sludge for drain out, power boost, and a zippy, racy response  [ if the 5 components are serviced  bumper to bumper ].

This stronger new-like driving response afterwards will impress you if you put them in an older vehicle or diesel.. This from their friction removing and wear removing features.

Servicing problems away has now taken a new directions with these engine transmission additivse from Mega Power Additives. 

Delivered to your door in a few days with directions and free tech install guidance - at no chanrge.

You can do  the service essily on a week end.  some customers start the process and have a mechanic or quick lube finish it.

They also have a guarantee - most additives have no guarantee. 

Since most vehicles need a service at problem time  each treatment covers the service as it ends the internal problem.

They are intended to do a new vehicle bumper to bumper service. For that reason they  exceed all car makers requierments for warranty purposes. Enjoy the wide range of coverage from just 6 problem solves... george 


Why Mega Power's Engine FixHer Should BE Your Engine Additive Of Choice

Engines are made to last a long time. But  they don't?

We wondered why engines problems suddenly appear-  and if they can be ended with additives? We have 6 that do so.

We wondered what additives could make engines last years longer - when their synthetic oils can't seem too?  We have 6 that do so. They are included in our Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives treatments.

We wondered what could make engines last years longer - when their synthetic oils can't seem too? We have 6 that do so.

After tearing down engines, we found most to have common  problem causes.

These common causes cause bearing,failure, valve tapping, canbon knock, and compression blowby problems.

The causes were not part failure-problems, but mostly due to dirty, gooey tar-like sludge, and friction causing  problems. 

Where the engine problems originate.

Comparing troubled engines with new ones showed a big change. New engines and transmission parts are clean, smooth, free moving.  New parts are shinny, clean, easy moving.

We checked the market for what other aditive brands offered to see what they features as a fix aid. 

Additives - we found come three ways.

  1. As a solvent or detergent. Usually, not strong enough, or too strong causing more problems.
  2. As a thick gooey, honey like sticky fluid. Why would you put more sticky mixtures into a dirty motor?
  3. With some sort of powder - to fill pores.  
  4. Some had great reviews but limited to serious problem coverage.
  5. Some do not help is a mechanical problem.

We Made and Tested our own Formulas. Looking for ways to return the clean smooth, new like state. 

The reasoning...

The best results came from sludge removers, conditioners and friction reducers that works both at top and bottom of engines.  A combination of cleaning , smoothing, and friction removing combinations no on else had.  

Engine trouble occurs when friction drag and dirty binding sludge and carbon hanper internal movement.

When clean and free of friction engine breathing, combustion for horsepower is highest and peak horsepower goes to spin the wheels.

When the opposit is true wear increases at a 50% faster rate,  and binding upsets performance,.

Comparing a clean engine with no friction drag to a dirty one shows air movement above 22 inches of engine suction measured witha vacuum gage. An d exhaust combustion  below smog particle and gas levels.

A  snapshot of the engine spark staying level.

What dirty conditions and friction produces.

A lower vaccumn below 22 inches indicates a dirty, slow valve movement and sticky piston ring action - cause of sludge formation.

A short spark duration or diesel burn shows a fuel richness. This comes from a dirty area and dirty injectors. They form and build sludge and carbon which also holds fuel in a to wet state, That means more combustion is dirty and send it as  sludge into the motors oil  -causing wear problems down in the engine. 

Removing engine sludge and friction are the next problems Mega Power Researches worked on. 

This occurs with a formula that soaked the combustion area with a chemical that broke apart carbon and sludge baked on to the rings, valves, and valve stems.  formulated chemcicals to reverses  the tar-like nature of sludge to frees it of their binding nature.

The result is...

A million satisfied usrs of Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives . Ending their engine problems like oil burning, compression blowby, valve tapping, lousy fuel economy and engine roughness problems with it - they know it works! They avoided a costly  $2000 to $5000 common repair cost  and gained yers more usage from their vehicles.

 The repair way is OK but overkill! With Engine Fixher you end  engine problems now upsetting your life! Even ends engine carbon knock and provides fuel injector cleaning. All, a easy to do service.   The idea of reversing your engine trouble to end it is the new way to help you run your cars in a great way for many more years. Nothing else can do it like  Mega Powers' "Engine Fixher."

  Learn more... about our Engine FixHer << click here.

Or Order our Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives online now. Try them  for 30 days. And take advantage of our 30 day  money back guarantee. Just tell by then if not delighted and they failed to work for a 100%  refund on the spot guarantee. 

Engine Fixher. Like for its problem ending features.  Promted for 30 years. Try it. Your money refunded if it fails to end the problem.  It never fails!   

Order the  Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatment, our Mega Power Brand Engine Transmission Additives products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  days,

Starting with out Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatment. With free phone help if needed. Easy-to-follow  install directions - Guaranteed to have your engine running racy smooth, quiet as new. Problem gone.  just $95 - total.  Click cart button to purchase.   Order now receive our  $29 Radiator Leak Preventer Additive for free for even more car care protection..

 looking for tRANSMISSION  help?

Mega Power Transmission Fix is the best way to get rid of rough shift, hard shift, pause in shift, slippage, and leaks. Easy to do,too! Yourself!Mega Power Transmission Fix is the best way to get rid of rough shift, hard shift, pause in shift, slippage, and leaks. Easy to do,too! Yourself!



Here's How To Solve Your Transmission Problem

   Are you looking for help to take the mystery out of ending  your transmission troubles? Tens of thousands use  what I call the "TRANSMISSIN FIXHER!"  What's so good about it?  - its the only product that reverses the problem to be sure it ends!

A holistic set of additives that travel to transmission troubled areas -  and takes the cause away.  Then conditions the entire system - for a smooth shift comeback. Details :

  • We tested to see why other products don't work 
  • Then tested formulas to see which works on transmission problems for what. 
  • Develop the quickest, easiest service to install the remedy.
  • Powered it up with additional cleaning  of the oil pickup screen ending any oil flow blockage of the cause.
  • Then cleaned dirty oil passage ways for full fluid flow again to troubled areas.
  • And added freeing up, cleaning, and lubing away the actual troublesome shift problem condition.
  • Not stopping then, Transmission Fixher  - removes years of crud messing up the shift valves process in the brain body to end any problem there.
  • Finally,  traveling to the gears with MC+ to smooth their friction  roughen  movement - taking away that shift and hangup problem, too.
  • Oh yes, almost forgot! It conditions the seals and gaskets to stop inner and  other fluid leak shift causing problems.
  • I'm sure that's the way you would have done it to end your problem, too!
  • Adding MC+ the World's Best Anti-Wear fills wear-spaces to add longer wearing life and more shift smoothing features - for an end-to-end trouble gone state. 
  • Learn more by reading about  the TRANSMISSION FIXHER.  <click

Order the engine transmission additive: Transmission FixHer here if you want.       

Order the  Mega Power Transmission Treatment,  The Transmission Fixher. 3 products shown, shipped to your door in 3  business days, with free phone help if needed. Easy-to-follow directions - Guarantee -  at this cart button. $95 - total. Click cart button to purchase.   Order here today and get our $29 Radiator Leak Preventer Additive for free with today's order.

   Why engine Engines transmissions additives  are called upon for their low-cost solutions to get the component over a burp.  A powerful care and repair benefit.   

How to Find Mega Power Engine Fixher Treatments For Your Car's Problem...

Ending the mystery:

    Automotive is ending the car and diesel mystery about which additives end your vehicles problems by explaining what our expert use. Then,guaranteeing your satisfaction on the outcome.

This is helping car owners, equipment owners, and mechanics end the mystery with explination of how they solve  todays' internal engine and gear operating problems. These are the top ten additives to do so - packages to do a treatment - to best end the problem.

, more now than ever before. While additives are often called upon to end burps in vehicles, they also are called upon to end mechanical problems. However.. many people remain unaware of their other benefits.

Additive Treatments

While a single product can solve, or end some problems, sets of automotive additives with a clean, free, heal, fill, and anti-friction features actually end internal, performance, wear, and even mechanical problems like valve tapping, engine knock, shift problems and even gasket leak and overheating problems.

They solve the dilemma engine transmission problems caused me:

  1. The right action to do now before it get worst!
  2.  The right actions for ending  engine and transmission problems.

     Ending those worry's with additives  makes life easier.   They are found below.

  Engine transmission additives Contact info:   

On a smart phone, to  ask a question, order items listed call me ...   george at 512 665 3388


    How  Engine and Transmission Problems are Serviced Away  With Additive Treatments

        No one likes engine-or-transmission problems anymore than I do - and I'm a mechanic - except repair shops and the billion dollar part replacement industry!  While many just have the repair done and bite the bill-bullet paying  from $2000 to $10,000, frugal and price-conscious car and equipment look for alternatives.  They change the oil or fluid to see if that works.  If not, they buy part store additives. 

     Making the problem worst:

       Part store additives are  often blamed for making the problem worse! That's because their prime ingredients are solvents, or thick gooey honey-like substances. and very good profit makers for them. However...

      Mega Power additives are what your vehicles need to end their problems. They : 

  • Contain specific ingredients having problem-ending features,  in a treatment- not products containing solvents or gooey mixtures don't have. 
  • Only one company,  Mega Power makes these stronger,  but more costly engine transmission additives,  but price seems a bargain for the end of problem result given.  
  • Mega Power engine and transmission additives provide operating and mechanical problem relief when other product can't because, other products ingredient list don't have these Mega Power ingredients:

     And Mega Power Works because of their potent strength and proven  installed  sequence found to end almost every engine transmission problem.   And is guaranteed to do so! Of course, if its busted, it needs repaired first - Then serviced with  the treatment. Either way for "fantastic driving improvement !" - If older,  a stronger driving improvement occurs, that can last for years. 

        Here's how a Mega Power  Engine Transmission Additives Treatment  takes you car problem pain away!

  • Nothing to take apart
  • Just add what's included in directions to the fuel tank and motor oil. 
  • Drive for awhile so mechanical forces help the treatment reverse the problem. 
  • During a week of driving the problem just goes away - amazingly.
  • In a week an oil change or transmission fluid change is done and protectors added.
  • Some do the additive addition at home and have their local lube place change out the fluids.

      Yes!  That's the fix! Everyone waits with bated breath thinking it won't - but it always works. That's because years of varnish,  and friction drag, and binding are removed and conditioners heal the damage - ending  the cause of your internal problems. If that's not done, the problem can't go away. Got that?

  • With years of 99% success rates we decided to guaranteed the results promised!
  • No need to being ripped off  by us, or by repair shops for thousands of dollars.
  • Go to the menu pages to read more about the treatment and ordering.
  • Call me if anything is unclear. 

Treatment not complicated:

  • You will find the engine transmission additives needed numbered.  
  • And there are two separate steps - each easy to perform. 
  • The two steps are the treatment. 
  • Driving after their install sends the engine or transmission additives  to where oil can't go. 
  • As their power and engine forces works together it starts ending the problem.
  • During step two the entire problem is removed and performance returns to normal. 
  • You can buy the product here or see more info on the actual  solution page on the menu. 

             That's How the fix occurs.

             Other features and benefits.

  • Wear and tear problems are solved by removing sticky residues , healing any damage, and adding protectors. You're shown what's needed, listed by the problem you need solved.
  • The item are grouped 3 items into a service. The 3 include:
  1.  a pre-cleaner to remove harmful residues
  2.  and friction  reducers to remove friction causing your problem, 
  3. and conditioners to smooth, heal, 
  4. and MC+ anti-wear protection  adds a long term care.
  • Read on...
Mega Power Engine and Transmission Treatments end their problems for a new way to keep vehicles going - afforably.Mega Power Engine and Transmission Treatments end their problems for a new way to keep vehicles going - afforably.
Mega Power Engine Transmission AdditivesMega Powers Brand Engine Problem Solving Treatments

Mega Power Engine Transmission Treatment.

      Solving  Engine Problems .

   Engine problems like oil burning, compression blowby, valve tapping are costly to repair and the problem and the cost are upsetting your life! Engine Transmission Additives Have your ideal solution to end the worrisome sleep about it!

     Mega Powers Brand Engine Recovery Treatment.

      What it does:  Shown above: Ends engine problems like oil burning, compression blowby, valve tapping. It avoids their costly  repair. Ends those problems now upsetting your life! Even ends engine carbon knock and provides fuel injector cleaning. All, a no problem to end.  Made easier for individuals, mechanics, even equipment owners because instructions are easy to follow. Free Tech Help by phone if needed. one product - so many uses! The ideal solution to get going great again!  Professional quality. Add items in 2 phases  for a 101% recovery or end to your engine problems.  - Nothing to take apart with this method. Driving works away the problem.  Fail Proof, and Guaranteed to end those problems.  Learn more... about Engine FixHer

Not anymore, with the Mega Power ENGINE FIXHER! ngine fixHer! Engine Transmission Additives Have your ideal solution to end the worrisome sleep about it!

     You will see the heart of your ENGINE PROBLEM needs cleaning, freeing, conditioning and protectors.

       That's the formula! Some of it can be done with a $2000 to $5000 actual  repair.  That method works but this one does more by ending the cause. Which do you want? 

    What choice can do what's needed? Sleep on it and consider whats good for you: Repair, or a Mega Power Engine Treatment? The Engine FixHer!

       That's the formula! Some of it can be done with a $2000 to $5000 actual  repair.  That method works but this one does more by ending the cause. Which do you want? 

    What choice can do what's needed? Sleep on it and consider whats good for you: Repair, or a Mega Power Engine Treatment

    It seems scary to try an additive, but Mega Power is commonly trusted and actually fairly simple to understand and install with our 2 step method.

     The steps:

        1- In step one clean out varnish, carbon and residues specific to troublesome part  causing problems. As you do free stuck or sluggish parts and remove them in an oil change after a week driving. This starts the engine transmission recovery.

        2- at the oil change, with new oil add 2 conditioners to smooths and heal wear-roughen surfaces. and fill worn spaces  with a slippery coating - which finally ends remaining engine transmission problems.  Learn more at...

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives Treatment  Details


Here's How To Solve Your Transmission Problem

To do so, we have taken the mystery out of engine transmission additives so you can use them to end engine transmission troubles.


  • We tested all we found to see what works for what.  What's Harmful to avoid.
  • We listed the solution page  by the trouble your transmission has.
  • We'll tell what to install, where.
  • All this in a few minutes of reading so you know exactly what you need to end the problem. Its easy!

Seems scary to try.  but  100,000 car and equipment owners are using this fairly simple method and learned to understand what's needed,  And the install is easy for this complex fix. What to avoid  is covered and other repair alternatives..

Read down below to see  transmission treatment details and ordering info.

This for the basics we discovered to unravel the engine transmission additives mystery.

Things to know!

  • Today's engines and transmissions have close tolerance spaces. They are water thin to lubricate and protect. 
  • Thick honey-like additives can do some good, but in today's engines often block oil flow for its thickening feature.  Avoid  additives that are thick, honey like.
  • Some suggest engine flushes. ENGINE TRANSMISSION engine flushes,  commonly sold at part stores are made of solvents, for their oil stripping feature.  They removes residues such they are proving to be harmful.  Stay away from those engine flushes. 
  • Avoid old style detergent additives sold by mechanics to clean fuel injectors. Detergents were removed from fuel as a they increase smog. Picked up by mechanics as a useful additives, but are controversial.

A different engine transmission additive


Add items needed as shown to the gas tank, motor oil, transmission fluid.  Then driving reverse the problem causes. Ends the problem worrying you. An oil change removes the harmful, and adds  problem-healing conditioners. That's how the fix is performed.

Order for both or just  engine or  transmission. See specials below.       

Just A Mega Power Engine Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, with free phone help if needed. easy-to-follow directions -Just  the engine treatment at this cart button. $95 - total. Click cart button to purchase.  

Order both Engine  and Transmission Treatments For and Even Greater Protection Value

Service and protect both your Engine $95 and Transmission $75 with both Mega Power  Treatments - Save $80 . They both need it; and we'll add this  $50  Radiator Cool and Protector to protect one more important system if ordering today!  MP Radiator Cool and  Protect , a beautiful service treatment,  valued because it removes coolant acids and its scum  in the system responsible for blocking engine and gear killing,  super hot temperature transfers.  The hidden cause of engine and gear operating problems.  A value you will appreciate as this item adds the missing link to long vehicle life.]  A triple  protection for total of 12 products sent to your door in 3 - 5 business days.  An $80 savings just for you, if you buy today.  Total just $140 Save $80."

Order the Mega Power Engine Treatment $95,  They are easy to install. Nothing to take a part. Driving does the actual fix.  Phone help if needed - free.   Guaranteed, and shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx Regularly $150  now during our special just $95 total. Order now receive our 2 Act Now  $49  Radiator and Power Steering Specials   for all 8 items just $95. click cart for this special

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives

In 2 easy steps,  following  easy-to-follow directions - where 3 items are added to the fuel and oil, and 3 a week later during and oil change ends your engine trouble.  You will have found the best solution to avoid costly vehicle problems and their expensive ness.

Mega Power will restore your engine and transmission to a  just-like new condition. 

Many thousands of car pick up large diesel truck tractor boat and motorcycle  owners have already done so. Why not be next? Order Here!

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives : Engine Treatment.


Add 3 items as shown - drive a week - do an oil change using the other 3 items at that time. Problems goes away! Just $95 - including shipping any 50 states. Other places a bit more postage.

The Treatment order Info.

You get our complete Mega Power Engine Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, guaranteed to do as advertised, easy-to-follow directions -Just $95 - including shipping any 50 states. Other places a bit more postage. Click cart button to purchase.

 Why wait till it gets worst! Buy Now. Enjoy your car the way it was meant to be.

Our Spring Offer is our Bonus Radiator and Steering System protector. A $40 value free with any order from this site. 

Help for your transmission: 

Order now! In a few days have what is needed to have your car running-good-as-near new and dependable again.

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives  Products to consider... for your car or heavy equipment...

  • Those 3 problems: residues, friction, and wear start producing less horsepower, creating tapping sounds, causing engine misfires, backfire, oil burning, rough shifting, poor gas mileage, and eventually deadly harm to your engine-transmission.
  • Those  negatives are what our additive research worked on to produce products to correct those negatives.
  • Mega Power, a company specializing in solving all 3 problems now offer products in treatment form to chemically return your car, pickup, diesel truck, tractor, boat, and motorcycle  engine transmission back to its clean smooth and free operation, then fill worn areas. 
  • The easy-to-install product returns  your vehicle to its former great, dependable running operation. Is that what you want?

If your car pick up diesel truck tractor  boat or motorcycle has problems like those, you might wonder what works to end, or put off repair as remedy?

"I'm Amazed! my vehicles began to run good as new after I installed the Engine transmission additives I purchased from you!" ...GC

Many products claim to clean your engine, but don't or can be harmful. With a million users and no complaints -  our treatment cleans your entire engine as well as your gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors and catalytic converter - and every part where air, fuel exhaust and oil goes! It's what restores your engine to a just like new condition. How does it do it, you may ask?

 now feel anything that good  should serviced all my vehicles. so here's that order." ...GC

The easy install way  to use these
engine transmission additives

Not convinced?

Here's what Alan had to say about the result of following the engine transmission additives  treatment recipe.

"Hi George.

I have completed the engine and transmission treatment on two of my vehicles, a 1998 Lexus LS400 and a 1985 Toyota camper. The running problems they had are gone after the install step and the improvement is quite amazing! After the first step install I ran the vehicles for about a week, but I noticed the improvement almost immediately. The odd thing is, I just changed the oil about a month before the treatment so the oil still looked clean. But when I changed the oil in Step Two it came out heavy and black! So, evidently the treatment was cleaning the engine more than my synthetic oil! After the oil change Step using the products for it, my old Lexus is driving like a new car producing much more zip and very smooth shifting again. I have to watch myself on the gas pedal also, as the scar climbs to higher speeds much faster than it use too! The Toyota camper was always under-powered with its four cylinder engine, but the treatment has also given it an extra horsepower boost. Both engines just purr, and the engine valve tap and rough shift are nearly gone and getting less as I drive. I was somewhat skeptical before, but now I'm a believer! Thank you George, for giving me a way to restore new life to vehicles I really thought needed serious repair! "                              Alan Fincke      Boston MA     Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives

Engine Transmission Additives: Read the page a couple times to get the full import of what you are on to. Then order with no risk of loss with full guarantee offer.  The service lets you do the ending of any problem and better way to control the reduction of their expensive troubles.

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