engine transmission additives. 

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Engine, transmission additives. 25,000 Mile Servicing Additive. For fuel injector and tune up. Additives to end older vehicle problem.Engine, transmission, component additives. For 25,000 Mile Servicing. For fuel injector and tune up. Ending older vehicle problem treatments.

  Engine transmission additives Contact info:   On a smart phone, to   ask a question, order items listed call me ...      george at 512 665 3388


Engine and transmission additives: To end a problem. Service them to avoid problems.

        You don't likes engine-or-transmission problems anymore than I do!

        I've found the tune up additives that ends their problem!

        Here's how they work :

  • Nothing to take apart
  • Just add what we sell you to the fuel tank and motor oil. a
  • And drive and the products reverse the problem. 
  • During a week of driving the problem just goes away - amazingly.
  • An oil change or transmission fluid change is needed after the problem goes away.
  • Go to any lube oil place to do that. 

     Is this method guaranteed. 

  • Yes!
  • With years of 99% success rates we decided to guaranteed the results promised!
  • No need to being ripped off for thousands of dollars to do so.
  • Go to this page to solve you engine problem. under $100!
  • Go to this page to solve you transmission problem.


Its not complicated:

  • You will find the engine transmission additives needed grouped into a service. 
  • The service pat? When the problem is corrected, removed  the old fluid.

             How does the fix occur?

  • Wear and tear problems are solved by removing sticky residues , healing any damage, and adding protectors. You're shown what's needed, listed by the problem you need solved.
  • Next, we grouped 3 items into a service. The 3 include a pre-cleaner to remove harmful residues and friction causing your problem, and providing conditioners to smooth, heal, and add anti-wear protection for a long term care.
  • Read on...

Engine Transmission Additives : Engine Fixher!

Mega Power Engine Transmission AdditivesMega Powers Brand Engine Problem Solving Treatment

Mega Powers Brand Engine Recovery Treatment.

       You will see, at the heart of your  ENGINE problem you need cleaning!

       Here's the plan!

    What products can do what's needed.

    It seems scary to try an additive but is actually fairly simple to understand with our 2 step method.

        1- In step one clean out varnish, carbon and residues specific to troublesome part  causing problems. As you do free stuck or sluggish parts and remove them in an oil change after a week driving. This starts the engine transmission recovery.

        2- at the oil change, with new oil add 2 conditioners to smooths and heal wear-roughen surfaces. and fill worn spaces  with a slippery coating - which finally ends remaining engine transmission problems. 

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives Treatment Information.



Here's How To Find What They Need.

To do so, we have taken the mystery out of engine transmission additives so you can use them to end engine transmission troubles.


  • We tested all we found to see what works for what. Harmful ones to avoid.
  • We listed them by the trouble they solve.
  • We'll tell what to install, where.
  • All this in a few minutes of reading so you know exactly what you need to end the problem. Its easy!

Seems scary to try.  but is actually fairly simple to understand what's needed, where. What to avoid that's harmful.

Read the following for the basics we discovered to unravel the engine transmission additives mystery.

Additives to avoid that's harmful.

  • Today's engines and transmissions have close tolerance spaces. They are water thin to lubricate and protect. 
  • Thick honey-like additives can do some good, but in today's engines often block oil flow for its thickening feature.  Avoid  additives that are thick, honey like.
  • Some suggest engine flushes. ENGINE TRANSMISSION engine flushes,  commonly sold at part stores are made of solvents, for their oil stripping feature.  They removes residues such they are proving to be harmful.  Stay away from those engine flushes. 
  • Avoid old style detergent additives sold by mechanics to clean fuel injectors. Detergents were removed from fuel as a they increase smog. Picked up by mechanics as a useful additives, but are controversial.

A different engine transmission additive


Add items needed as shown to the gas tank, motor oil, transmission fluid.  Then driving reverse the problem causes. Ends the problem worrying you. An oil change removes the harmful, and adds  problem-healing conditioners. That's how the fix is performed.

Order for both or just  engine or  transmission. See specials below.       

Just Mega Power Engine Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, with free phone helpi if needed. easy-to-follow directions -Just  the engine treatment at this cart button. $95 - total. Click cart button to purchase.  

Transmission Treatment show above.

Transmission Install Directions. Ordering.

Add items needed as shown to the gas tank, motor oil, transmission fluid.  Then driving reverse the problem causes. Ends the problem worrying you. An oil change removes the harmful, and adds  problem-healing conditioners. That's how the fix is performed.

Order for both or just  engine or  transmission. See specials below.       

Just Mega Power Engine Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, with free phone helpi if needed. easy-to-follow directions -Just $95 - Click cart button to purchase.  

Order both Engine  and Transmission Treatment

For only $140, you have Mega Powers Engine and Transmission Treatment - and we'll add the (MP Radiator Cool and Protector for free) A total of 11 products sent to your door in 3 - 5 business days. An $80 savings just for you, if you buy today.

If you're having an engine or transmission  problem - and it feels like your car could be breaking down at this very moment, here's a quick way to find and select the righ one to so the job needing done. 

This may be the most important information about car care and repair you will ever read. That's because ...

  • It will give you the power to decide when your cars are repaired, replaced, not premature chance.
  • By gaining that knowledge you will be introduced to a  method of car equipment care that will end your present engine transmission problem faster, better, cheaper! That's what your are after, isn't it?
  • This knowledge will show you how push wear-out into the future, and avoid internal avoidable repairs - for all your vehicles. 
  • That advantage over the years will save you and your family tens of thousands of dollars repair replacement expense - now going to others, at your expense

Here's how our engine transmission additives can do for you!

Our way to end wear and tear, residue problems to avoid their costly repair:

We found, more than 90 out of 100 automotive engine transmission repairs  to have no broken parts. 

Because gasoline and diesel fuel  and motor oils are an organic substance producing carbon-based residues when burned, or sludge, these deposits in the combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and valve lifters, they.require removing.

Imagine adding products  to your engine and transmission fixing your car, instead of a mechanic. that is what a the engine transmission additives we recommend can do for those problems.

Imagine.... instead of a mechanic tearing apart and cleaning each engine or transmission part, imagine chemicals that do the same thing the same thing - but also smoothing troublesome wear roughen surfaces causing the trouble - ending it.

Imagine of the mechanic removing the troublesome parts and ordering new ones.  - running up your repair bill into the thousands.

  • Imagine the additives you were shown to install removing the varnish-like residues off those troublesome parts. Then, smoothing them to a shin like a chrome bumper, them filling their work spaces, closing up what wear rubbed away.
  • But imagine, the mechanic replacing your car's bad parts with shinny new ones. But he leaves all the dirty, partially worn, wear roughen parts as they are.  
  • Imagine, when he collects the money due him, and you take your car back after two weeks in the shop you begin to  feel there's still something worng, but all seems alright. 

But weeks later doubts in your mind say, "I wonder when the next wear or residue incident will show up?

You know that any day, some other engine or transmission part will soon give out. Then what?

  • However, its been a year or so since you chose to add the Mega Power engine transmission additives we recommend.  The car is running even better than ever. It just sounds so quiet since then.  
  • You have the confidence it will stay that way since your services your car and cars with our engine transmission additive, and continue at each oil change. You only spent a few hundred dollars, not many thousands. You averted a crush on your budget.

With the old fashion way to fix cars, it costly!   There is a budget tightening.

  • The kids will just have to wear their clothes longer as money is not there! 
  • Oh wake up. You took our advice! You have a good running car and extra cash so you went to Disney land. They'll love that! And that Disney trip talked about is off for this year. Now, back to the scenario using additives.  
  • You spend a few bucks to service the  entire car engine transmission radiator and steering on both cars. 
  • Several years down the road, the cars are older, but they run as sweet and trouble free as new ones. Mufflers, brakes and a tune are needed - $900. However...
  • You been to Disneyland and the Grand Canyon.  Next year, on the money saved with engine transmission additive recommendations, you and the family may go to Hawaii. You appreciate how the engine transmission additives you were shown to buy, and use, helps reduce the car transportation expense. Order now!

If you want a life of economical car care  with thousands lower expenses, learn to use our engine transmission additives  recommended on these pages. They made my life easier,  many others, also. And here's how to get started... Sold only on line to keep prices reasonable.

Order the Mega Power Engine Treatment $95,  They are easy to install. Nothing to take a part. Driving does the actual fix.  Phone help if needed - free. guarantee, shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx Regularly $150  now during our special just $95 total. Order now receive our 2 Act Now  $49  Radiator and Power Steering Specials   for all 8 items just $95. click cart for this special

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives

In 2 easy steps,  following  easy-to-follow directions - where 3 items are added to the fuel and oil, and 3 a week later during and oil change ends your car trouble. Mega Power will restore your engine and transmission to a  just-like new condition. 

Many thousands of car pick up large diesel truck tractor boat and motorcycle  owners have already done so. Why not be next? Order Here!

Mega Power Engine Treatment Information.


Add 3 items as shown - drive a week - do an oil change using the other 3 items at that time. Problems goes away! Just $95 - including shipping any 50 states. Other places a bit more postage.

The Treatment order Info.

You get our complete Mega Power Engine Treatment, 6 products shown, shipped to your door in about 3  business days, guaranteed to do as advertised, easy-to-follow directions -Just $95 - including shipping any 50 states. Other places a bit more postage. Click cart button to purchase.

 Why wait till it gets worst! Buy Now. Enjoy your car the way it was meant to be.

Our Spring Offer is our Bonus Radiator and Steering System protector. A $40 value free with any order from this site. 

Help for your transmission: 

Order now! In a few days have what is needed to have your car running-good-as-near new and dependable again.

Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives  Products to consider... for your car or heavy equipment...

  • Those 3 problems: residues, friction, and wear start producing less horsepower, creating tapping sounds, causing engine misfires, backfire, oil burning, rough shifting, poor gas mileage, and eventually deadly harm to your engine-transmission.
  • Those  negatives are what our additive research worked on to produce products to correct those negatives.
  • Mega Power, a company specializing in solving all 3 problems now offer products in treatment form to chemically return your car, pickup, diesel truck, tractor, boat, and motorcycle  engine transmission back to its clean smooth and free operation, then fill worn areas. 
  • The easy-to-install product returns  your vehicle to its former great, dependable running operation. Is that what you want?

If your car pick up diesel truck tractor  boat or motorcycle has problems like those, you might wonder what works to end, or put off repair as remedy?

"Amazingly, my vehicles began to run good as new
after I installed the Engine transmission additives
I purchased from you!" ...GC

Many products claim to clean your engine, but our 6-product treatment cleans your entire engine as well as your gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors and catalytic converter - and every part where air, fuel exhaust and oil goes! It also restores your engine to a just like new condition. How does it do it, you may ask?

And, now, your engine transmission treatment
is what I serviced all my vehicles with,
TO PROTECT them. " ...GC

The easy install way  to use these
engine transmission additives

For only $95 you get our complete engine treatment, 6 products, shipped to your door in about 3  business days and it is guaranteed to do as advertised, or your money back. Buy  our Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives, Now!

Not convinced?

Here's what Alan had to say.

"Hi George.

I have completed the engine and transmission treatment on two of my vehicles, a 1998 Lexus LS400 and a 1985 Toyota camper. The running problems they had are gone after the install step and the improvement is quite amazing! After the first step install I ran the vehicles for about a week, but I noticed the improvement almost immediately. The odd thing is, I just changed the oil about a month before the treatment so the oil still looked clean. But when I changed the oil in Step Two it came out heavy and black! So, evidently the treatment was cleaning the engine more than my synthetic oil! After the oil change Step using the products for it, my old Lexus is driving like a new car producing much more zip and very smooth shifting again. I have to watch myself on the gas pedal also, as the scar climbs to higher speeds much faster than it use too! The Toyota camper was always under-powered with its four cylinder engine, but the treatment has also given it an extra horsepower boost. Both engines just purr, and the engine valve tap and rough shift are nearly gone and getting less as I drive. I was somewhat skeptical before, but now I'm a believer! Thank you George, for giving me a way to restore new life to vehicles I really thought needed serious repair! "                              Alan Fincke      Boston MA     Mega Power Engine Transmission Additives

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