Noisy engine help, tips, advice. Review of Slo-wear Engine Treatment. A promise of help to quiet.... valves, even helps worn motors - run great and quiet for a couple more years of service before overhaul

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Noisy engines are a sure sign of wear and tear taking a run at putting your car in the shop for an expensive repair - or a premature need for a new car - a much costlier alternative - both sure to mess up your finances and life.

Since grandpa's model A Ford days, engines developed noise problems. It was common to go to your local greasy mechanic  every year or so, and have him remove the top of your motor and adjust the "valves." This quieted the motor good as when new - and seem to bring back lost zip and performance. That's all desirable, of course.

This review shows a new product to chemically clean and condition your motor -  to quiet it and return it to its former quiet state, then keep it that way. And your transmission, if installed there, too!

This review shows a new product to chemically clean and condition your motor valves -  they are what tap tap tap - or make your motor sound like your grandma's old Singer sewing machine.

There are 2 ways to quiet your motor and return it to its former quiet state,. They are covered here.

Valves still wear faster and sometimes become tarred up - making a tap tap tap sound that is very alarming. What is going on, you might wonder? And what cost is it heading me too? Will the car come apart as I'm going to work  - on the free way? Will I be that guy blocking traffic for 10 miles, today? I'll help you avoid that fate with a new service product that in an hour, you can have that clunker sound like an Indiana race tract car - for quiet smoothness and a new burst of zip and power! 

Valves make the breathing in of air and fuel possible, and the exhausting of combustion. There are 2 to 4 valves per cylinder. Valves operate right in the midst of combustion and run 500 degrees hot. It is this heat that breaks down oil on valve parts  - creating wear 5 times faster than any other place in your engine.  Wear spaces appear and make the noise. However....

Each valve in today's engines have an automatic adjuster to take up the space and keep the motor powerful and quiet. Slo-wear cleans and frees those parts - restoring their like-new quiet, again!

So, if your engine is tapping, or sounds like grandma's old sewing machine, chances are 99 times out of 100 that friction drag, or sticky residues are creating the space that - if cleaned up, will return the motor to its normal quiet state.

The Slo-wear Engine and Valve Treatment is the invention that cleans and free dirty valves and their lifter adjusters - returning the quiet norm back to your engine and life again. Cost?

Cost? You may have found out that quieting the motor is quite an expensive and week long fete - about $2500 more or less. However, thousand of car and equipment owners ask the mechanic to perform a Slo-wear Engine and Valve Treatment service - running about $250. This seems to be what most cars needed as it returned the car to its former quiet zippy state!

While few mechanics have had any Slo-wear education, a lot of car owners take the product tot he mechanic and educate him on it.  That's really my job and this we sites job. However, the internet brings up good information - and this site sells to individuals and mechanics.

Since Slo-wear performs a complex fix by cleaning, freeing, and conditioning while you drive - and that's how its works.

Men and women car and equipment owners bought Slo-wear installed the treatment themselves. It's easy - nothing to take apart. Driving does the actual fix. Most of our customers don't know a gas cap from a radiator cap but find it easy to add Slo-wear to the gas and oil - then just drive. Driving lets the forces inside the motor force the ingredients to the troubled area. There to clean, free, and condition and quiet your noisy valve parts.

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