octane power booster from Mega Power gives your vehicles an instant bigger engine feel. ADDS 20 to 40 more miles to each tankful

 Mega Power's Octane Power Booster. 

Boost horsepower 3 ways common octane booster don't!

  1. Raisies horsepower by ending its loss to scum by removing horsepower-lowering scum in the intake and combustion areas. 
  2. Raises horsepower oilside output, by cleaning and freeing sticky parts, ending that horsepower absorbing condition, and again sending it to the wheels.
  3. Slows actual combustion, producing more horsepower creation in each burn cycle, giving more crankshaft spin. All 

All three features Exclusively in this Mega Power Octane Boosting  Treatment for both race cars and street cars and pickups, too!

The maximum horsepower boosting and engine preservation, and Octane Boost Treatment. 

Buy 10  of the Black Octane Boosters - one just shown in the kit above but 10 are included in this offer,  Plus + 1- $49 Friction Reducer [ orange item]  and 1- Scum  Remover [ red item] shown . Total 12 items.

             Mega Power Octane Booster  Special                           

2 Ordering options:

  1. Buy 10 Mega Power Octane Booster Items. Boost octane up to 4 rons.  Get the 2 items to remove horsepower stealing scum and recover lost horsepower older parts steal, with anti-wear for the fuel and oil sides of your engine.      12 items total. Just 3 items shown.  A $150 value, just $99 Plus $15 S&H:  totals $114.   Click cart button for this offer. 
  1.  For  12 items offer click above cart ordering button. However...                                                                                                                                                                     
  2.  Order Double above order for your street and race vehicles zip and protection.  Receive 20 Mega Power Octane Booster Items. Boost octane up to 4 rons.  Get the 4 items for 2 motors to remove horsepower stealing scum and recover lost horsepower, with anti-wear.  For the fuel and oil  for 2 vehicle engines.   24 items total.  A $300 value, just $150 Plus $15 S&H:  $165 total.  Save $150.

Install Mega Power's Octane Power Booster.  They make my 2008 Ford 6 burn rubber andseem like a v8, and it ups MPG from 21 to 27 ...GC