Tired and Annoyed by those Noisy Valve Lifters? Here's The Best remedy...

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Noisy Valve Lifters shown Here cause tapping, rough idle, lousy fuel economy and now can be easily cleaned to operate quietly with the Mega Power Brand Valve Treatment.Noisy Valve Lifters shown Here cause tapping, rough idle, lousy fuel economy and now can be easily cleaned to operate quietly with the Mega Power Brand Valve Treatment.

ADIOS TO NOISY VALVE LIFTERS IN 3 EASY STEPS with Mega Power's Engine Treatment.

Mega Power's Valve Treatment quiets noisy valves within an hour with an easy to install process - avoiding an expensive repair for the vehicle owner.Mega Power's Valve Treatment quiets noisy valves within an hour with an easy to install process - avoiding an expensive repair for the vehicle owner.

Enjoy a do-it-yourself service that works fast. Saves a Ton Of Expenses. Exceeds all expectations. The Best care and Repair avoiding known to quiet valve lifters! No skill or tools needed!


Lifters are thumb-size metal parts with a pencil-size movable piston. The purpose for the lifter and its tiny piston -  is for the piston in it to move outward by oil pressure to close wear gaps on what's called the valve assembly -  One of the ways of keeping more engine power and fuel economy at its pick, and your engine working quietly  There is one lifter for each valve. 

Why do they become noisy?

Motor oil under pressure pushes against the movable pencil-size piston inside each lifter to keep them in touch contact with each valve - moving outward as wear occurs, and keeping your motor operating quietly.

Lifters have a trap door that keeps the adjuster up. If one of several dirty conditions blocks oil from reaching the lifter, or keeps the trap door open, the adjuster collapses, making a space and the  tap tap tap noise that is so upsetting. That is how they become noisy.

Why is Mega Power The Best Way To Quiet Lifters?

Mega Power cleans and adds a protective to keep lifters clean and protect the entire engine:

  • From fuel tank to exhaust tip - and all in between. 
  • Cleaning oil passage ways where oil flows and removing carbon where fuel and exhaust flow..
  • It contains 4 anti-wear protectors no other additive has to assure a years longer trouble-free life. 
  • Its power to free stuck valves and lifters is amazing. It pays you to keep it in your oil each oil change as fuel economy increase and makes for using less fuel. 
  • That is why it is the best way to care for any motor you want to operate as it ages free of aging common problems the longest time .

Your noisy valve lifter causes Mega Power Removes to quiet your engine noise and tapping.

Since dirty oil and its residues cause the problem, - oil of itself cannot clean up the problem - as it and acids and heat cause the problem.

More powerful cleaners  that are of a chemical nature than detergents - which are already in oil, are needed. The 6 chemical cleaners in the Mega Power Engine Treatment has those chemical s cleaners that go where oil can't to do that job fast. And also add engine anti-wear protectors - that boost horsepower output - no other product offers,  give Mega Power top reasons for being your choice for the best way to quiet noisy lifters.

Cost: While lifter replacement can cost over $4000  as a repair fix.  Mega Power  cost about $450 if a diesel rig, about $250 if a car, and if a mechanic installs the treatment. Under $100 if you do it. It's simple since you just add the product to the fuel tank and motor oil. And drive. That does the job!

Will Mega Power clean and quiet  dirty valves that cause tapping? YES!

Yes! Both lifter and the valves are cleaned for a total engine cleaning service to even quiet valve tapping, also.

Valves also  gum-up and become sluggish and slow-closing. This SLOW_CLOSING also creates a gap, and with each engine rotation slams against ajoining parts  - causing a tap noise. Mega Power cleans, and frees the valves as it cleans and frees any lifter adjuster  to end tapping.



You can dismantle your engine or pay someone between $2000 to $5000 to do it. It requires for you to be without your car for a week while your engine is disassembled, the new valve lifters are installed and your engine is reassembled.

It’s ok if you have the money and don’t mind being without a car for a week.


      Since a mechanic spends most of your money in a repair for cleaning, why not use chemicals that do the job better yourself and pocket that expense? 

Better yet, why not use the only one to end noisy valve lifters and their tapping problem. Shown here. Mega Power uses 6 items to rid your motor of the 6 causes of noisy valve lifter tapping. 3 clean the valves and lifters from the top air fuel combustion areas. And 3 for the bottom of your engine oil side.

Get our Complete Engine Valve Treatment, 6 products, shown, shipped

to your door in about 3 - 5 business days. Includes easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if needed. We offer a full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Just $80 plus $15s&h=$95 total Click buy button .


Mega Power Install Directions

Mega Power uses a 2 step method 2 clean and

quiet your noisy valve lifters:

Step 1.  Add bottle with #1 and #3 on cap to the gas tank and bottle with #2 on cap to your motor oil, and drive as you normally would for a week.

Step 2.  Add bottle with #4 on cap to your engine oil and take your car to get an oil change.

After oil change, add bottle with #5 and #6 on cap to your motor oil. Those 2 steps quiet noisy valve lifters. Is that what you want? Free if it doesn't work!  The noise stops during the 2 steps!

Simple, right?

How Does Mega Power Do It?

Using Mega Power's Valve Treatment To protect Keep Your Good Engines  by serving them to keep them clean and trouble Free

Mega Power , you already learned, uses chemical cleaners, it also contains MC+  a proprietary friction reducing metal conditioner and noisy valve lifter quieting aid. It lubricates load bearing engine surfaces, reducing wear and improving engine performance – extending your engine’s life.

It coats, protects and restores your engine components by filling the micro fractures in the metal, restoring the surfaces of the engine parts to a smooth, shiny condition - just like when your engine was new.

If you feel your car, truck, tractor or motorcycle have the conditions mentioned above or a mechanic suggests you plan a major engine or transmission overhaul, Mega Power is definitely worth trying first.

Get our Complete Engine Treatment, 6 products, shipped

to your door in about 3 - 5 business days.

We offer a full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Just $95.


Order today and get our Engine and Transmission treatment!


Because your transmission has valves. If thy get sticky and cause shift problems - it can be your next $3000+ repair expense to fix it.

And this great Mega Power product does for your transmission what it does for your engine to stop - and prevent the problem in your transmission. With this order you get a total of 9 products, sent to your door in 3 – 5 business days - to service  and protect your lifter noise and transmission.

for only $140, regularly priced at $170 – Your transmission is do for service. 

PLUS. We gift you

Our MP Radiator Cool, and Protector for free, an $40 value.

A Total of 11 Products for your engine noise, 

Transmission and Radiator protection for $140.

All made easy to do in a couple hours with guaranteed professional results!

Order Now  For This Bonus Offer. It will end without notice. 

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