Help for engine tapping. 
 Additives I'm passionate about.

Slo-wear Engine Treatment stops valve tapping for a 10th that of repair.Slo-wear Engine Treatment stops valve tapping for a 10th that of repair.

Help  for engine tapping Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed by phone,  call  at 512 66 3388.


     OK! So you are worried about your motor's noise. Tap Tap Tap

      Sure, this noise might not have you stuck on the side of the road - waiting for a tow truck. Kids crying. But, that's a big worry anyhow.  Another worry is the financial crush to your budget. Engine repair start at $2000. 

      Engine parts called lifters and valves - there are 2 each for each piston. One or more  caused the noise.  THEY become jammed with sludge, fail to function closing wear gaps, and tap noise results.

Suggestions To end engine tapping

       Suggestions for a solution often vary.  Some suggest an oil change. Switching brands of oil. Others suggest a motor flush to see what happens. They never help - it seems!

 Why Try Additives  These Additives.

       Engine repair for engine tapping repair shows sludge and oil blockage a prime problem to cause tapping.  Read How it Happens, Here...

       Since grimy muck and residues cause the problem, will an engine flush help?

       Additives for your solution: When your hands are dirty, soap will clean them.  When real dirty and grimy,  stronger soaps are needed.  And solvents help the mechanic clean out sludge and wash clean engine parts.

        Why not use an engine flush made of solvents  like what mechanics use - packaged as an additive to stop tapping?  Many have. Results are often harmful,  However...

How Additives Called Engine Treatments Offer Help for Engine Tapping.

        However, additives made of chemical cleaners with protectors  and conditioners do offer help for engine tapping, and do stop tapping.

        The Slo-wear Valve Treatment  is the brand that stops tapping, and help for engine tapping you need! Unlike part store and quick lubes solvent flushes Sol-wear uses no solvents and is 100% safe to use while driving.

Slo-wear Engine Tap Treatment.  Stops lifter and valve tapping.Slo-wear Engine Tap Treatment. Stops lifter and valve tapping

Help for engine tapping you need!

      The Slo-wear Valve  Treatment offers help for engine tapping. 

       Slow-wear  is a service  item  anyone can install easily. Driving then works the chemistry in to every part cleaning out the causes of tapping. Works in as little as in 15 minutes. However, tough cases takes a few days.

Guaranteed to be the help for engine tapping!

         Most additives come with no guarantee.  However,  Slo-wear comes with a 1 year warranty and indefinite Satisfaction Guaranty.  Very unusual for any  product, but this one is that great! Its success rate is almost 95%! 

        2 refunds last 367 days.  Recently, B T was given a refund, by producing an invoice that a $2000 valve tap repair  was required  when Slo-wear failed to work. 

Directions using slo-wear help for engine tapping 

Directions help for engine tapping are easy to follow.  Nothing to take a part.

  1.  A easy 2 step item install into the motor oil and fuel  and driving  is Step One.
  2.  Step 2 is an oil change and conditioner install.

 Conclusion and ordering info.

       The  Slo-wear chemistry un-taps the tap as you  as you drive. Does so with special safe proven cleaners to free tapping lifters and valves. [ Dirty lifters and valves are the  tap noise makers Slo-wear cleans up to stop tapping ].

       Slo-wear special conditioners MC+ also add protectors, and  a protective film over every  part so the whole engine runs super quiet thereafter.  

        If you feel comfortable about trying Slo-wear's help for engine tapping, Shown in the pictures, order it online here

Order here -at no risk for trying! Please note: refunds: 2 requested last 267 days. So if its not what your engine needs, request a quick refund.



Order the Slo-wear Engine Tapping  Treatment. Includes 6 items  shown needed.  3 for step one. 3 for step 2. Includes easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in  3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h =$95. total.

Help for engine tapping side notes if you like techy info:

Tapping occurs when oil blockage starves one or more of your 8 to 24 a valve wear-space adjusters of pressurized oil, and it collapses - like a nail hole in a tire does the tire. 

Or when sticky residues slows or binds  your engine valve closing speed.  Both negatives create a space you hear when they close and touch, as a tap tap tap! Not good, of course!

That's where Slo-wear excels!

Perhaps you heard, and its known that part-store, and quick-lube engine flush products have damaged engines as a method to clean up and end tapping engine noises.

For one thing, they clean too well! They  can strip the lube oil between moving parts away - causing raw friction damage to bearings. Or dump sludge taken from one engine area, and drop it in the oil pick up area - often blocking the oil pickup screen - harmfully starving the motor of oil at that point.

There are tap ending products with anti-wear, and lube enhancing features that also can go where oil and parts store flushes cannot, to correct or end tapping problems.

Better tap ending methods

While repairs are costly, and come with no long-term guarantee to keep tapping  away - we found one method that can do both!

It has a guaranteed long term valve tap ending remedy.  Its more than 80% cheaper than repair, and is a permanent tap ending remedy. 

Order The  Slo-wear help for engine tapping  treatment. Includes 6 items  shone needed.  3 for step one. 3 for step 2. Includes easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in  3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h =$95. total.

Slo-wear Do-it-yourself Total Vehicle Servicing Package.Slo-wear Do-it-yourself Total Vehicle Servicing Package.

Total vehicle serving avoids future troubles.

If the motor is dirty, chances are similar trouble is brewing in the transmission, steering, and radiator systems. 

      For total piece of mind about your vehicle care and preventative maintenance,  now is time to  service the entire car and other cars - late on required fuel, engine transmission radiator and steering system servicing.

         While thinking about it, is a good time to  order what's needed - shown below,  and service all 5  car areas needing service.


I'm near as your phone to walk you through it easily.

This bonus includes the treatment your engine desperately needs, and these 4 other treatments that also neutralizes acids -cleans, frees, heals, and protects  - ending the #1 cause of most premature repairs. Servicing that ends that worry.

Removes  your car's 5 components old crud  -Stops the eating away years of good vehicle life! No better good protection! Covers 1-engine 2-fuel system  3-transmission 4-radiator 5-power steering. A $1000 or more dealer service - 

Does what - just changing oil or fluid with new - can't do! With component repairs running $1500 to $4000. This is the best service now needed for your tap ending. To avoid avoidable troubles!

You'll notice the better running performance - our guarantee you bought what your car and your budget needs for a worry free car life.

A $1000 or more dealer service -at $2000 for tapping repair expense. Not with us!

Regular price over $300 - now  includes $95 needed  engine treatment -  15 items total. Covers one vehicle 5 areas needed: 1-engine 2-fuel system  3-transmission 4-radiator 5-power steering. Another Worry Eliminator.

Directions, phone help, satisfaction guarantee. 

The Whole Vehicle Protector. Order one  5 component service treatment at just $200 each plus $15 s&h= $215 total

15 items per vehicle needed. Save over $100 today! Order as many sets as you like at this price. While our inventory last. Get ready for trouble freer driving ahead.

The real problem So-wear solves for you and your car.

THE DEVIL IN YOUR ENGINE Slo-wear Gets Out For You.

A big repair bill adds more concern - but, I'll show you how to use chemistry to end your worry as I show you tips on what to do, below.

A bit of basic's will help you understand this product, I call Slo-wear Fix-better as the help for engine tapping your car needs

THE DEVIL IN YOUR ENGINE? Get him out this way!

Lets talk about your tap cause, and then the 2 ways to end the noise.

    Lets back up a bit in time to help you.

    When new, your motors valves and their adjusters provided the  quiet new car motor operation.

    Since valves are your fastest wearing motor parts, they have adjusters - known as lifters, that adjust outward  by oil pressure, to fill any wear spaces - valve create, continuing your motors quiet, powerful operation.


    But, combustion begins to escape slipping pass sticky piston rings - and mixes with your oil - sludge develops.

    Residues from sludge, and friction grow.  Growing amounts of loss of combustion, sticky residues and friction lowers engines and transmissions efficiency. Lower horsepower development and horsepower used - to overcome stickyness and raw friction send less horsepower to the wheels.

    This lows the road speed down - and starts wearing away years of usable metal part surfaces away. But you don't know it as you just automatically press the gas pedal down for more fuel to overcome this negative.


    After a few years all seems well until  the motors oils sends some residues to the valve adjusters - which - like a blood clot in your body - causes a problem blocking oil that use to push the little valve lifter adjuster outward. 


    The lifter drops  like a tire with a hole in it.  A space appears and thats the banging sound as it slams against your valves.

    You now known more the the most educated mechanic around on the cause.

    PERMANENT Help for Engine Tapping 

    The real solution is not only ending that noise, but how to clean dirty valves and sticky pistons rings  that allow combustion - called blowby to escape and mix with your oil.

    What's need are the ingredients I call the Slo-wear Fix-better Help for Engine Tapping Valve Treatment you should order here.

    Doing so, in a few days your motor will return to normal powerful QUIET old self - for a fraction of what most mechanics  - doing the fix the old way will set you back! 


If you go to a mechanic, he may suggest taking your engine apart for cleaning, and replacement of your noisy valves and their lifters - the problem parts. Takes a week and cost can run $3000 or more. 

Help for engine tapping you add to your motor to stop valve and lifter noise. Works fast! Satisfaction guaranteed! Under $100 - not $3000.


The Slo-wear help for engine tapping includes 6 items needed. Includes easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h =$95. total. 

What's needed are the ingredients I call the Slo-wear Fix-better Help for Engine Tapping Valve Treatment! order here.

Directions are easy for the right help to stop for engine tapping

There are 2 steps. Step One uses 3 items added to the gas and oil. You drive for a week to begin the process. Step 2  uses 3 products  a week later. That is how to  stop the tap.


Slo - wear mixes with you motor's oil. This removes sludge's your oil. That sludge that is blocking oil to the valves lifters - so the adjuster parts drops like a tire going flat from no air - and a space appears. With each rotation the space closes with a hammer-like tap tap tap. 


    One way the tapping trouble  can end is by  repair. Tear down and replacement of all the lifters and a costly part by part replacement and cleaning - running  $2000 to $4500. Something most repair shops can do.

    Research and chemistry provides the other. This introduces  what we call the Slo-wear Valve Tap Remedy.  Shown in the picture above.

    Some other products are also sold as additives to do cleaning. This compares both kinds of additives.


Slo-wear works, but is not thick or gooey like Lucas. Never put gooey products in your engine. It already has a gooey problem we're trying to end. Our engine treatment not a harmful solvent, like part store and quick lube engine flush additives - sold to help for engine tapping. Solvents often makes things worst!  Instead...

Slo-wear is a combination of unique penetrating cleaners and conditioners, in easy-to-install treatment. By addition to your motor, described below, the product goes to troublesome areas where oil can't go, there penetrating, cleaning and freeing the stuck valve and lifter tapping problem. Customers tell us this is the help for engine tapping you need!

Slo-wear help for engine tapping is the fastest
easiest way to restore your engine dependability.

To order by phone, INSTEAD OF ONLINE, or have a question answered, call me... george, at 512 665 3388. Day or evening.

The mechanic's method of ending tap compared to ours. Most mechanic's want you to pay for a $2000 engine overhaul and replace dozens of $20 to $40 parts and charge a couple days of hand cleaning and machining expense as the fix. That's good - I done lots of those repairs.

OK! so far. Lets talk about the tap cause, and then the 2 ways to end the noise.

    As residues and friction grow in engines and transmissions some efficiency is lost and horsepower side tracked. Dirty valves and fuel systems cause combustion to burn incompletely. Pistons rings let blowby escape and grud up you oil. This causes the tap tap tap as your motor runs!

    The Slo-wear Valve Treatment gives is cleaning where oil can't go and conditioning to free, clean, condition, and quiet your problem.


    The install is easy in the gas oil and air intake. Order now! End the tap!

    Mega Power includes 6 items as a treatment needed. 3 are for top motor cleaning and freeing, and 3 for the bottom oiling side to end its cause of the tap.

Order this Slo-wear Valve today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit to your budget, too


Among other harm, improper combustion gums up piston rings allowing a blocking action to more combustion and raw gas to slip by the piston and mix with your motor oil.

That is not good - but not noticeable at first until a cob of residue sticks your adjusters, or sticks your fuel or exhaust valves.

That sticky, dirty condition eventually builds and causes a space to occur with the adjuster, and with each engine revolution you hear this rap tap tap - that even synthetic oil cannot remove.



    Is to replace most of your engine parts for up to a $2000 cat.


    Our method using Slo-wear Valve Treatment goes to several sources of your tap tap tap problem - and cleans and frees them. It's because residues have blocked open one of your "adjusters" and it collapsed making a space causing the tap.

    And by cleaning "fuel and exhaust valve-parts, and all other valves in the system" that have become dirty and sluggish, and slow closing - the closing of that space and tap sound as parts slam together ends. however,

    So slow, that they open a lag space between the parts that make them open and close. Closing the space causes the bang you hear as the tap.

    As shown in the picture: Pay close attention to the 2 up-side-down "T's." Those "T's" are your dirty, sluggish noise makers! They cause your motor tap noise.

    As you read on, I'll show you how to install Slo-wear Engine Valve Treatment, and use my secret to chemically stop your tap. This advantage will avoid a costly $2500 engine fix for you.

    You'll Like Slo-wear Valve Treatment HELP FOR ENGINE TAPPING

    and may become a believer in its protective and wear and residue problem-solving advantages. Just like many of us car buffs who don't know a radiator cap from a gas cap. Yet, we install Slo-wear Valve Treatment in everything mechanical we own - because, what quiets your tap also restores a like-new power and dependability to your car again. With Mega Power you gain 2 advantages in one great product!

    Each time you change oil only the watery thin, dirty oil drains out...

    A sticky engine film remains behind coating every part. Now, you would expect fresh good oil to remove that film - but it can't!

    Eventually, enough dirty motor, and transmission residues, for that matter, collects as a tar-like goo on every part.

    On your valve stems - which slide up and down 50 time a minute in a tight bore slot, that sticky goo binds and slows the closing valve movement in a sluggish way - When that happens...

    A space appears. As related parts separate and then return on their up down cycle, a tap like a hammer blow sound occurs.

    That goo is something not even the best oil can remove! Goo causes your engine tap. In transmissions, the same goo causes jerky or rough shifts, hang ups, and slippage.


    Slo-wear Valve Treatment ends your engine tap by its cleaning method and power.

    Read the following, then order Mega Power below. End the tap and the anxiety it gives you - thanks to this new product.

    We chose Mega Power because it is the only product to clean and condition and protect your entire motor. That is something, which popular solvent-based part store additives do not provide. 

    Order this Slo-wear Help for Engine Tapping Treatment today. 

    A complete car service help for engine tapping 

    To order by phone, or have a question answered, call me... george, at 512 665 3388. Day or evening.

    The Slo-wear help for engine tapping includes 6 items needed. Includes easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h =$95. total. 

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