cold weather engine additivEs. 
Fuel  flow.  
Ready  BURN.

For easy crank and start and shift  regardless of temp lows

Cold weather engine additive information, tips, and products.

These Slo-wear Cold Weather Additives keeps fuel, engine oil, and transmission fluid flowing in frigit weather, providing assured engine starting, running and shift operation.These Slo-wear Cold Weather Additives keeps fuel, engine oil, and transmission fluid flowing in frigit weather, providing assured safe engine starting, running and shift operation.

Slo-wear cold weather engine additive.  Contact info. On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed, order below or call at 512 665 3388

Science and Chemistry 

Double the above order to treat 2 vehicles -by ordering 12 gallons for 2 vehicles fuel oil and gear winterizing

 Save $200 on each set of 12 items that treat 2 vehicles all winter long.   Just $700 total.  $58 a gallon.  Save $200 over 6 pak gallons. Gallon for fuel treats 2000 gallons.  Gallon  for engine treats 10 gallons.

  • An Antigel In Winter | Use Power Service This Winter! 

  • Better yet. Try Mega Power's  Fuel  and Oil System Cold Weather Additives.  Cetane Boost,  for faster starting with Wax Dispersant, and Oil Flow  and our famous  MC+ Friction Reduction lube  for Faster Cold Starts.  
  • Prevents Fuel Gelling & Fuel Filter Icing in Winter. Better than  cheaper quality : Diesel Kleen, Diesel Fuel Supplement, Diesel 911, Clear-Diesel, Bio Kleen

Order them above.  Fleets can use our barrel deals for much lower per gallon pricing. I'm hungry to make a deal. call me. george at 512 65 3388 

 Engine and Gear Servivng : Individual vehicle treatment for faster cranking.

Smeeler kit,  amountss also provide faster engine and gear warm up and shifts in friget weathers.  Mega Power Slo-wear cold weather engine fuel and gear additive Treatment offer  Total freezing weather flow aids.

6 gallon 6 pak = 5 for motors and gear boxes, 1 for internal engine cleaning .  Shipped Fedex in 3 days usa Just $395 + $40 shipping

Cold Flow-Making Ingredients 

You will find additives containing these cold flow-making ingredients in the products sold here. They can be a blessing to vehicles an equipment owners in fridget weather. More so for owners of Hi-mileage and older vehicles - and whose motors are already dirty from age. 

Trouble Cold Causes Vehicles 

Such motor's have dirty air intakes, dirty emission recycling pcv systems, and dirty combustion area rings and valves. Surely such buildup of wax-like residues - already affecting the motor - in cold weather becomes more of the cause of your problem. And better removed now - with these products! Now, before cold weather binding problems accelerates more damage inside.  

Premium Quality Additives Are Needed

Leading the way with products to help Hi-mileage and older vehicles motor's run great - even in the coldest of conditions is the Mega Power product line.

Mega Power premium quality additives, and worth their extra cost, considering the starting and running ease given - to help your engine’s start easier, run smoother, and avoid wear problems - including help over coming a lack of oil lubrication cold weather causes with dry starts. For that reason we guarantee to satisfy your cold weather engine problem - once and for all time!

Usage Cold weather engine additive information, tips, and products.

Small amounts as shown added to the fuel - one quart for 50 each gallons of fuel. And for large motors with 3 to 7 gallon oil capacity: one gallon of cold weather oil treatment is added to the oil. Directions and phone help included.

Makes cranking and starting-up a lot easier and instantly more noticeable. It ends the battery jumping and engine start spray needs that are harmful!

Less friction, and friction reducing features called MC+ make it up to 75% easier on your engine and transmission with way less friction and stops metal migration. The 2 most destructive enemies Mega Power can help you eliminate.


My usage and this acquaintance with Mega Power Cold Weather Engine and Fuel Additives comes from my vehicle Mega Power additive making my easy-starting amazement experience in sub zero weather. My vehicle started right up - while vehicles all around would not crank or start! More encouragement came from those customers who actually use Mega Power in daily life; and praise the formulation, and may understand the psychical nature better than me.

My Mega Power engine and gear cold weather additive usage let me crank, start and shift when others, using other brands had starting troubles, while Mega Power help me survive the winter. They tried hot plugs, pulling the vehicle by chain, battery jumping, and starting sprays failed to get their cars and equipment going. My vehicles just start right up!

This is to pass along to you and help others try my additive products and experience  the best way to run vehicles trouble free. Even when the coldest catches you.



My method combine products needed for fuel,  engine and gear care, and comes from real world experience.  This package combination is what ends most mechanical engine and gear cold weather troubles. The package is what I call:   Slo-wear Engine Treatment. Contains fuel, pump, injector, combustion, piston, valves and  oiling system part service.

These same Slo-wear additives  are helping us run our vehicles, heavy equipment, even piston engine airplane engines years past what others can in frigid weather. With Slo-wear our engines crank easier, start faster, idle smoother and warms up faster even in the most fidget weather.

My  Cold weather engine additive information, tips, and products.

Engines stress of internal parts and the oil film break down and oil starvation when cranking and starting is a major cause of most premature engine failures. While synthetics have helped, there is still a major oil jell and wear problem when frigid weather has your motor oil, gear oil, and fuel jelling when cold.

Directions in a six pak.

  1. Add a quart to 50 gallons of fuel item marked as Number One.
  2. Add 15% item Number 2 to the motor oil and each gear box.
  3. Change motor oil in 1 to 5 hours of run time.
  4. To the new motor oil add 20% item Number 2. 
  5. Add 20% Item number 3 to gear boxes lubed axles, and differentials. That's it!
  6. Repeat each oil change.
  7. Use item Number one in each 50 to 100 gallons fuel for top winter driving performance.   Monthly in warm weather. Contains bio killing ingredients.

 When cold, oil, fuel, even antifreeze molecules tend to collect in strings - they should flow like marbles. Slo-wear keeps coagulation away!

 Other causes of oil coagulation occur when oil breakdown or shear occurs and when combustion blowby sends high acidic levels of blowby gases pass the pistons down to contaminate your oil. Slo-wear will reduce this blowby problem and keep oil cleaner much longer.  Did you know... 

Not much into a fresh oil change, jelling trouble starts,  and when cold your motor oil, fuel and anti-freeze form or ball into large groups. The colder it is the more jelling occurs.  Motor oil, even synthetic’s, acquire a molasses like nature when residues, acids, and frigid cold is present. Slo-wear reduces this negative down to where it tolerable and not a cranking starting problem.

Ordering  Mega Power's Cold Weather Engine Additive. 

Mega Power's cold weather engine transmission additive  comes in gallons, as a fuel and oil treatment, and in 5 gallons, and 50 gallon barrels. Call or text your need and pricing. 512 665 3388. 

Order here for Engine Fuel and Gears Winterizing

Individual treatment for faster cranking, faster engine and gear warm up and shifts in friget cold has Slo-wear comes as a 4 item treatment for fridget weather aid. Just $395 for 6 gallons = 3 for fuel, 2 or motor, 1 for gears. Shipping  USA is $40. Canada/Alaska $75. Shipped Fedex in about 3 days usa for delivery. 6 items needed just $435 total. order now - click button.

foreman, George. Mega Power Additives offer endurance features that keep away trouble  - crank out more horsepower. Learn more...Mega Power Additives offer endurance features that keep away trouble - crank out more horsepower. Learn more...

Understanding a few basics on motor oil and use of additives to eliminate jelling and coagulation. While any brand can help, Mega Powers improvement in starting and rolling  will go a long way toward each days coldest rigid weather.

 You will find Mega Power Additives Slo-wear a joy to use with the benefits of less frustration when starting and running equipment and vehicles.

Order them and try them out. Bet you'll never want to try any other brand. Call for tips and ordering 512 66 3388

Cold weather engine additives end.

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