Avoid Sea Foam type motor treatments.  Today's engines can't take them. Better, and safer products to clean engines internally are these newer engine cleaners with lubricity enhances. 

Avoid Sea Foam Review Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed call me...george at 512 665 3388

As you can see Mega Power offers the most advantages foe cleaning and protecting solutions - without using solvents to do so, for your engine trouble. I agree! And so do Mega Power Customers: Mike says..

"Thanks for all the Mega Power product usage help! It cleaned up and quieted my diesel engine almost instantly! They are as noisy as gas engines sometimes - and so costly to take apart to clean to quiet them down. Mega Power made a big difference in more power, and fuel economy has picked up several miles per gallon. Haven't seen that since when it was new! Thanks again for your great product and service"...Mike M 

That's what you need - a real engine cleaning and protecting solution - not one like those you should avoid sea foam, for instance.

This is what we recommend for results like Mike so enjoyed - and tens of thousand more car owners like him who order this product! Sure, it's different. It is to have what works! Order Mega Power for all your cars. Yours cars and heavy equipment need that Mega Power help Mike and many others enjoyed to assure your vehicles their longest trouble-free life.

Avoid sea foam...

Order Mega Power here - where detailed and ordering info is given.

Diesel engine avoid sea foam help here.. 

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