Engine cleaning conditioners do more to end engine sludge and tapping trouble

Engine cleaning conditioners do more to end engine sludge and tapping trouble that straight solvent rinse flushes.

    A new problem-solving, cleaning conditioners  offer advantage to free your vehicles many sticky piston rings, valves, gears. And, as you drive the car - or use working equipment, until sludge and friction removal ends the problem. 

    The fuel and its distributing parts. Mega Power cleans and conditions your fuel for total burning - this reverses a sort of heaviness fuel develops making fuel burn incompletely. The product also cleans your injectors, intake, idle valve, combustion area, and emission system for improved breathing, in the process. Something fuel injector cleaning alone does not get to.

    MP type cleaning conditioners removes your wear increasing, power deterring residue negatives. With the result that former horsepower developing levels thought worn away are restored.

    Also, Mega Power includes friction modifiers and cleaning conditioners. These provide car and equipment owners added problem-solving, and anti-wear advantages - explained below.

    Those friction and cleaning conditioners features give your cars - new and older, even worn ones, a return to a like-new driving and performance feel. This is accomplished by changing wear roughen surfaces - a horsepower eating and robbing negative, to smooth - with an added slippery coating, to fill worn away spaces.

    Now, horsepower absorbed is released and sent to again speed you faster down the road - zipping you along easier, again.

    Both performance problem-solving and maximum horsepower deployment provides a rise in driving performance you can again enjoy - and adds years more driving deniability.

      Ordering Mega Power...

      Mega Power Cleaning Conditioners include 3 items needed, with easy to follow directions, phone help if needed, shipped by FedEx to your door, guarantee. Just $99 + $8 tax =$108 total. Bonus Power Steering and Radiator System Protectors valued at $39 for free included during our summer winter sale. 5 items total Just  $99 + $8 tax =$108 total.

Mega Power Cleaning Conditioners return  a cars or equipment lost performance

Cleaning Conditioners return  a cars or equipment lost, noisy, worn performance

Problem-solving cleaning conditioners by Mega Power work as they end your cars naturally declining horsepower levels - and end a number of performance caused problems - wear and miles created.

To get back maximum power levels, friction modifying and protective coatings adds several more advantages to the car and equipment owners.

For example...

More crank shaft spin is produced - and Mega Power's ability to release horsepower absorbed by friction, passing it to the wheels, provides higher performance and a like-new zip. Therefore the products name. Those internal improvements promotes added dependability and longer life in both new and older, even worn, cars and equipment.

Mega Power's friction reducing ability helps new and rebuilt engines and transmission end their "break-in cycle" smoothly - slamming the breaks on the wearing away cycle. This adds more years of life to your vehicles and equipment than if friction and harmful residues continued their negative effect. More on Mega Power additives....

In older vehicles, Mega Power in stronger formulas, provides a tune up feel as it cleans and lubes the oiling and combustion areas too, and frees sticky piston rings, valves, gears, and such. Of course, maximun power-robbing friction ends. Ending your vehicles power deterring problems, their older engines, transmissions, steering, a/c systems, and radiators have is a great way to protect their long term dependability, and provides work again with a like-new smoothness again.

Mega Power is also different in that it is not a harmful detergent additive,  Not a solvent based additive, Not a harmful thick, sticky honey-like additive.

Mega Power ingredients go where oil or the fluid can't - to the cause of your problem - where the desired improvement is produced.

Mega Power additives links below have specific problem solving tips for you.

Mega Power additives. Mega Power cleaning conditioners

Questions mechanics ask:

"How does Mega Power use "cleaning conditioners"

 to end loss of power, and shifting problem?"

Answer: Our cleaning conditioners do so in several critical ways.

  1. Mega Power cleaning conditioners uses over a dozen detergent cleaners each with a unique penetrating action.
  2. One Product additive ingredient is a cleaner that works in high temperature areas, This to clean and free dirty piston skirts and sticky piston rings. This is a popular piston blowby reducing benefit providing a power increasing advantage. This ability to clean and free very hot and sticky piston rings and gummed up valve stems, your dirty hot combustion area surfaces, and dirty fuel injectors - are all power restoring features - you can feel minutes after the piston blowby reducing additives are installed - our customers tell us. So will you, once you try Mega Power additives

  3. Other included additives clean clogged oil passage ways and noisy valve lifters so oil can flow to them again - and stop their tapping.
  4. Special slippery included additives called co-polymers coat worn areas closing the worn spaces for a restore quietness and smoother idling and running.
  5. Other Mega Power additives: MC+ offer protective advantages - that end power-absorbing friction wear and drag - so power once taken out of use by friction and residues and absorbed, can now go to the wheels to zip you down the highway faster, on a bit less fuel.

Now, anyone can benefit from cleaning conditioners 

    Mechanic or car owner will restore the power lost by those negative factors. Restore is the point.

    I put emphasis on the word restore, as over the years, friction and sticky residues - all friction inducing factors, lower power equal to the equivalent of one of your motors cylinders.

    The reduction of those negatives - fiction, sticky residues, wear, and heat absorb about 10% to 30% of your motors power. Mega Power gets it back for you! That is the marvel of Mega Power chemistry.

Is that a significant point? Yes! Very significant.

    The negative factors: friction and sticky residues steal 10% of your power, waste hundreds of gallons of fuel, and wear out your motor and transmission twice as fast.

You already know that more friction means more heat created. Heat is bad for your oil. Mega Power additives are good for your oil....

    When temperatures rises 50 to 100 degrees in your motor and transmission from friction and residues your oils film strength weakens 50%. Heat lowers resistance to shearing - meaning, it becomes easy for the lube film to break. This allows more metal-to-metal contact and abrasion. Ever see what happens to engines when they overheated?

    By Mega =Ppower additives surface smoothing advantages less friction occurs and hot spots in your engine and transmission disappear. Some large buses and trucks have oil temperature gauges. Customer note this in the gauge readings. Your oil will run much cooler than normal - and we say so right on the label in big words.

    No other product covers or offers such advantages. That is why Mega Power additives is added to every part of my cars and equipment.

I'll show you how to do the same.

    This will help you notice what to look for in a before, after check. Very educational and it keeps avoidable expense out of your budget.

    Heat as a negative weakens oil in many ways. At the friction and sticking to high temperatures and you have sticky oil breakdown residues all over the surfaces of your motors pistons bearings, valves, lifters, and gears - losing up to maybe 15% power loss. That's like running on one cylinder less -but its dead force increase the wear load. 

    When those internal parts are cleaned and smoothed, full combustion is regained - and you instantly feel it.

    Mega Power additives does that! Mega Power friction reducing and anti-friction advantages now allow full power to be transferred to propel you down the road - instead of being absorbed overcoming friction.

    That is how Mega Power gives you the most power. Restored, it will zip up hills like it did when new, and fuel economy is again the best possible.

    As a motor and transmission operate, their worst enemies; friction, high temperatures, and extreme pressures ...

  • Change the clean, smooth, freely moving, and slow-wearing pistons, bearings, valves, and gears, into rough, dirty, sticky, fast-wearing parts.
  • Those negative conditions grow into the power-robbing, and performance declining problems you are experiencing. To do any good.... and end your cars problem
  • A product would have to reverse those conditions. That is what Mega Power does. To end your friction and wear problem, and restore conditions close to their original state - we found a way to use friction to advantage. Here is what happens when you add Mega Power to the engine and transmission. 
  • Mega Power additives works on the molecular level. At that level, Mega Power chemistry, in the presence of friction, heat, and pressure, as moving parts touch, changes the brittleness of the two rough surfaces to soft. 
  • This conditioning action smooths. Now, when they touch good things happen, not wear and friction. The rougher the surface, the more friction, wear, and power absorbed. Smooth it, have less friction, less wear, and you end the cause of many problems.
  • Mega Power reverses these wear and tear conditions; restoring near-new power again. More on this in a moment... Now, compare Mega Power additive ingredients to what others use to help your car - and you will see how Mega Power provides the complete solution.
  • How other additive companies chose to solve wear and performance problems

    Nearly all additive companies use solvents or detergents to end

    the problem - since gooey residue buildup is always present.

    Dis-advantages of solvents and detergent additives

    Solvent or detergent additives are low cost, extremely profitable products that parts stores, dealerships, and lube and oil changers promote.

    However, as solvents clean, they destroy lubricity - the destroying of the oils lube film on all the parts.

    Destroying lubricity is a wear-increasing disadvantage.

    Detergents additives are safer cleaners, but do nothing to free, smooth, heal, or restore slow-wearing advantages.

    Mega Power additives fill the need

    How Mega Power ends your vehicle wear and tear problems

    Mega Power Additive Products clean, free, smooth, coat and protect pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.

    The product, in doing so becomes provides a great tune up to help add more life and usage - putting off overhaul in worn-out cars, trucks, lawn-mowers to ships and large equipment, including RV's, and industrial machines.

Engine cleaning conditioners do more to end engine sludge and tapping trouble that straight solvent rinse flushes.

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