Consumers Report: ending engine problems - yourself. Detailed.
What to use. What to avoid.

Servicing Options you can do yourself that may avoid tens of thousands in automotivee expenses - now hurting your life. 


    Those are several differentiations, but before I cover these auto tune up and repair avoiding differentialtions I call options, see if their benefits can help you like it did my automotives wear and tear problems... 

    You, if you are like me, an owner of older vehicles and equipment -

   ... always having some internal engine, gear, and radiator problem - that nickles and dimes you, and often requires an engine gear or radiator expensive repair ... CONSUMERS REPORT.

   - you hope to find a universal solution, a cheaper, singular, distinctive product you could add to the fuel, oils and fluids, to end their operating, upsetting problems. To somehow have some special power, some inqredient to take them away. Roar you down life's road - not in and out of parts stores and repair shops, or having you do the repair to save money. 

Slo-wear Engine Treatment for Valves and LiftersWhen it was explained there are 3 major engine problems and Mega Power Additives had discovered how to reverse them and keep them away did I know I knew more about engine care and problem solving than most mechanics.


How  I found the missing link in a can to end my cars operating problems.

    I was flabber having been shown that additives by Bud Esterlines, Mega Power's Brand line of bumper-to-bumper additives could put-off or end problems .

- I later decided to become a distributor  and sell them door to door as  the most unique, street proven  solution ever invented. It provides the 3 things  you.anthing mechanic need oils and fluids can't provide.


Once you see that as a truth you can then begin to have vehicles run great years pass what  others can. 

   If in a few minutes to an hour, the product shown will start ending your engine transmission radiator power-steering or air conditioner  problems. Start returing them to normal. One main point of differentiation is in the INGREDIENTS WE USE to solve your automotive problems ....

   If you came looking for an engine transmission radiator power-steering or air conditioner operating solution - our way to end the problem The How is by reversing the 6 best, stating your difference from the customer’s perspective. How does your differentiator will help solve the customer’s problem or help them achieve their goals?


· Explain why consumers in your target market should believe your brand’s claims. Consumers must see credibility in your positioning, so provide evidence to justify the claim of your brand in your positioning. Do not just say you are the fastest or best quality, state HOW you are.

For Engine problem solving:

   Why use an additive? To ward off engine overhaul or replacemnt. A way to continue engine operation to ward off the expese of overhaul, or vehicle repacement 

    Three problems areas stood out: the engine, head gasket, and transmission. With some models, problems occurred with surprising frequency at a certain age and mileage.  


    Engine problems are among the greatest mechanical nightmares for their inconvenience, expense, and time to repair. We found that there are more than a dozen older models with problems serious enough to require engine rebuilds.

    "Engine failure [ problems ] can be caused by many things,” says John Ibbotson, Consumer Reports’ chief mechanic. “Some engine rebuilds are needed due to :

  • Low compression,"says John Ibbotson.
  • Low compression results from worn piston rings, resulting in lack of power, misfiring, or excessive oil consumption.
  • "Knocking sounds," "says John Ibbotson,  ,,,CONSUMERS REPORT auto expert, are engine problems needing a rebuild are from crankshaft or connecting rod bearing failure, signaled by a low in motor knocking sound.” 
  • Because of the difficulty and time required to rebuild an engine, repair shops will often replace the original engine with one that has been remanufactured.

     George Christ, our resident mechanic says, other engine problems are valve tapping, and engine sludge TheCONSUMERS REPORT did not cover I do.

  • They are engine problem where a lifter part or valve is creating a space that creates a tapping sound. 
  • Or sticky piston rings allow compession gases to slip into and cook the engines oil into sludge. The usual fix is a new engine.

This requires extensive engine repair also in the thousands of dollars expense.

Did you know: Additive are solving these problems.

When an engines ideal compression gives the maximum horsepower to fuel economy and least harmful emissions. Three measurements by a mechanic, varify the need for engine rebuilt.

When there is low comprssion it refers compression of fuel escaping pass your pistons on their upward squeezing of the clinders quart of air fuel mixture into cup size space. Taking 16 lbs air pressure, squeezing into a cup size. Producing 125 to 175 pounds of measurable pressure need to make the engine and wheels spin upon combustion.        

Skipped in the CONSUMERS REPORT: A do-it-yourself-solution.

Here,  the non-mechanic and mechanic ecan end their Vehicles Operating, or Mechanical Problem - those where friction and sludge and carbon are the troublemakers - in an exclusive - only found here easy explanation - and resonable priced. Each solution gives you the tips to determine when an actual repair is needed or avoided my way. To turn that repair into an impressive fix like no other. And have an anti-wear advantage to promote trouble free operation from then on.

   Do you want that kind of help? Do you want to have the knowhow to enjoy a new-like operation and problem recovery of every vehicle you own - you can keep going as long as you want its fix.

   Sent to your door in a few days, ready to turn any engine and power train trouble into a car care victory in an hour or less of driving. Just like it amazed the original race team that found them their championship winning edge.

   They will be yours too - my option here for your vehicle and your budgets preservation. ... george


CONSUMERS REPORT: Other methods Not listed. 

  What could be better than to add a few products to your ailing car and it ends the problem.

 Lesson one: Causes of vehicle Problems. Learn more. The how to

Here are several reasons why cars and equipment problems can be hard to pinpoint. So expensive to solve. And what's available to end the less expensively.  Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT.

  1. They may be hard to tell what the problm. sMechanics are trained to  detect and replace systems having a problem. There may be two problems.
  2. Even though one part in the system is all that's bad.

To additive companies Have a good alternative to that. 

I tell who they are. But also tell What they taugh me to train mechanices to use. 


Here are some reasons and tips I teach repair shops  to use and, so can you. to understand the cause and remedy.  Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT.

  • Your engine or component has too much sludge, and its restricting oil or coolant flow internal parts need to operate properly. There's a dozen or so such parts making your car operate and now shut off from oil or coolant is causing the problem. Remove the sludge - See my tips to do so.
  • Carbon deposits. Carbon knock upsets engine operation. It developes when oil burns in the combustion process leaving a coating on the pistons, valves and spark plugs. It may  sound like the internal parts are trying to bust thru the motor. Elsewhere, it may appear as a thin scum. Remove the carbon and scum. See my tips to do so.
  • Friction. All components have friction. It can stress, hangup, wear out a component years to soon. Remove the friction. See my tips to do so.
  • And a lot of problems in the  performance catagory like

An internal partfailure . Although rare, the problem does happen. Replace it. 

Although our vehicles were made to make our life easier, when they have a performance or mechanical problem it can upset your whole life. But…

There is a way around them.   Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT.

Two companies have specialized in treatments that solve these and other problems - Justice Brothers Additives who only sell to mechanics. And Mega Power Additives who sell online to any one. Look for the JB Symble locally.

The following… Shows the Mega Power Automotive Additive Treatments and Servicing solution  Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT  for 

  • Stopping of burning gallons of oil away.
  • Ends engine tapping noise. 
  • Ends Oil leaks. 
  • Ends blowby. Make sure its not a blower tube gasket leak. Can't fix that with an additives. But keeps gasket pliable - not hardening.
  • Restores a Transmission problem thru the gears heavy loaded feel.
  • Stop overheatinng and head gasket troubles.
  • Fuel economy of 20 to 40 more miles distance on a tank of fuel. 
  • Let you control when to do the heavy expensive repair.

Automotive wear and tear can interfere with your veicles operation, causing the browser to crash.

A number of simple trouble shooting steps can pinpoint the cause of the problem and get your car and diesel back up and running. How to Fix Cyor vehicles problem.

Chrome can freeze, slow down, or crash on multiple operating systems, including Windows and macOS. The same troubleshooting steps have a good chance of resolving the problem no matter what platform you use.

 Installing the Mega Power Worn Engine "Overhaul Out Of A Can" at every 12,000 mile oil change May Be Your Best Car Care Decision.

   It's real value is in its lo-cost, once or twice a year Mega Power Additive Treatment  Problem Ending Value to :

  • End gallons of oil burning. 
  • Ends engine tapping noise. 
  • Ends Oil leaks. 
  • Ends blowby. Make sure its not a blower tube gasket leak. Can't fix that with an additives. But keeps gasket pliable - not hardening.
  • Restores a Transmission problem thru the gears heavy loaded feel.
  • Stop overheatinng and head gasket troubles.
  • Fuel economy of 20 to 40 more miles distance on a tank of fuel. 
  • Let you control when to do the heavy expensive repair.

Auto tune up and repair options Value in your future.

  • Not only surpress or removes your problems. 
  • But also for its rejuvanating chemistry to boost fuel economy and horsepower.
  • Allows use of the vehicle for a year more service at a fraction of the cost of a new one - or overhaul. Is that's important to you.

Cost Per Vehicle.

Single Treatment About $400

Small Fleet $200 Per Rig.

  Thousands of Car and Diesel rig and heavy equipment owners are buying barrels of the treatment to service their entire stock of equipment - at a cost of about $200 per rig or tractor. An investment that promotes healthy bumper to bumper servicing, revitalizing the life for more miles and hours operation. A barrel Treats 25 rigs bumper to bumper. Last barrel cost under $3000 shipped to your door. Free Tech help and tips included for life. 

  Is a $200 to 400 investment to directly put off a $5000 to $10,000 overhual for several more years worth the hassle twice a year? It may be. Do the math.

  Your investment in Mega Power's Worn Engine Treatment can keep your expenses working for the business - rather than hurting the bottom line for years to come - By annualizing the cost per mile reducin of 50% to now exxpenses  by the following features that can be monitured:  

  • - Done added to fuel, gear boxes and differentials.  Cost per vehicle
  • - Features include ending of worn engine problems. Coast saving to keep vehicle working. Avoiding need for major repair. 
  • Promises a quieter, stronger engine and gear performance. The drivers respect vehicle that sound good.
  • No more black exhaust. Savings in fines and fuel waste.
  • Its rubbing worn rough surface smoothing stops fuel waste. How its does.
  • - adding to that  value comes from release the 20% horsepower presently absorbed BYthat make operation twice as costly.  Old engines and gears steal away from the wheels.

Rig and equipment owners reports: Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT.

   "You'll find no other lo-cost way to keep your high-mileage engines going for another 100,000 miles while ending their aging problems." Tom R

   For Example, these are older and worn engine problems reported to product users 

Can those features Pay You many times over?

Order now. Have Mega Power Products in a few days. A small amount is added the the fuels and oils. Results are amazing or your money refunded. Never had a rig owner ask for one.  Not in the CONSUMERS REPORT.

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