Additive usage.

Will a new breed of diesel additives from Slo-wear improve horsepower output of Cummins engines and slow down  power deterioration as the truck or tractor ages?

If you bought cummins additives or those at truck stops like lucas, jone smith or other brands sold to truckers, you know they seem to offer no improvement at all - by fuel delivery or by addition to the oils and fluids.

That response, even from diesel octane boosters offer no permanent solution to horsepower deterrents. The reason is simple to understand when you compare the Slo-wear brand advantages and ingredients - which will blow your mind away at the instant and permanent improvment Slo-wear provides.

That turns most diesel owners off additives, and for good reason.

performance upgrades using anti-wear additives to capture and recover horsepower loss during combustion and  recovering lost horsepower absorbed in the motor and gears on the way to the wheels.

The 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins turbodiesels all have performance potentials much higher than the factory ratings. Before feeding your appetite for more horsepower/torque, consider performing any necessary supporting upgrades. A pyrometer, for example, is highly recommended for any engine that has undergone or is planned to undergo modifications which alter fueling characteristics. Additionally, realize that the factory transmission may not be up to the same tasks as your stout engine - plan accordingly. Finally, many aftermarket upgrades are provided for off-road use only, so check applicable local laws and ordinances before proceeding.

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