A engine treatment to end engine problems.

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Like your body, your car, pickup, diesel truck, tractor, boat, motorcycle and machinery will run poorly when a little wear and tear causes oil blockage, part jamming,  or a lazy operation - usually cause by friction.

Those conditions may require repair - but often a little love in the form of cleaning, friction modifying,  and conditioning is all it needs.  

... if its broken, it needs fixing. For that repair help, other sites offer you that help.

However, many times, good additives, offering features that highlight specific problems-solving  will remedy the problem - That's our job to provide you. However...

Some people want more than temporary car care help to get their cars running great again. They want a real, permanent fix out of a can! That's what is offered here.

What is in additive products, anyway?

  • For years, engine and transmission residue and sludge removing solvents - sold every day in part stores, and quick lubes  are tried.  But today's Hi-tech engines can't take additives with solvents as they clean to good!
  • BG is a detergent some mechanics promote. It seems to do well on fuel injectors, but does little for the hard-stuck parts further into the engine.
  • Lucas, Restore and such products are advertises at race tracts and their product is offered on some part store counters in promotion.  Many car and equipment owners say their OK, but others don't think you should add a thick, gooey, sticky fluid to an already sticky, problem causing condition in their engine or transmission.
  • Best Line is an additive brand promoted. Some feel the name should say it all, but some feel the name as a nick-name could say a lot about the product,  not one Hi-paid marketers select - that may not really be that good - to need a good name like Best Line to sell it.
  • I favor Bud Esterline's Mega Power brand because he did the work of finding the best, out of the top best engine treatment products and packaged them  according to specific problems they solve!


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