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Slo-wear ends engine ticking noiseAdd/Drive Slo-wear ends engine ticking noise

Ends engine ticking noise under load/acceleration. Fast acting product works! Or money refunded. 3 no-works, last 267 days!

By overhaul by mechanic can cost over $3500. Our method is $125. Not as complete as overhaul, but is permanent, and engine performs quietly as if new! 4 cleaners that go where oil cannot at the troublesome part or parts, cleans then frees - ending the click or tap. 2 conditioners reduce friction -  an anti-wear benefit. And fills worn spaces with a slippery protectent.

The 6 item install is easy. Add to gas and oil as shown. Driving undoes the sticking problem sometimes as quick as in 15 minutes. Shipped by Fedex or USPS  to your door with directions  guarantee. Phone help  if needed. 

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