How valve lifter tapping repair by mechanic is done. Why so costly. Better alternatives than repair

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Why This Engine Remedy Is Important Now and Down In Time For You!

  • This review will provide you look at a cheaper, better, valve lifter tapping repair fix. 
  • The info describes one company's product  offering - The Mega Power Additive Company  - I call a Car Care Worry Ended Product.   I say that because...

  •  ...Its  not just  the only  free up and end the lifter tapping problem  for you - ending that worry for you...  Instead, ...
  • .
  • ... its part of a WHOLE VEHICLE  preserving form of care -  for avoiding future avoidable repair expenses.  That makes it better for you - if you care about preserving. I'm sure your you feel that way or you would not be here!

Not just to quiet valve lifter taping.

  • Using  the treatment I found at Mega Power Additives and now offer - its cure ingredients in your engine .... will stop your lifter tapping!  However, if you add it to your other components - you gain a whole vehicle repair avoiding control!
  • Use its transmission, radiator, and steering  treatments  - I'll walk you thru the process and it way cheaper service.=

  •  By doing  so in your engine and doing changing out the old fluid change out with theses products  - they will remove from those of your cars  costliest to repair components all the problem causing dirty conditions  and friction  - and  leave behind healing,  protecting ingredients,  called MC+. 

  • That change out with Mega Power  feature  really  removes future  operating avoiding problems.  That's its real cheaper, better value yo you! Let me explain ...

  • This can mean an avoidance of an $2000 to $4000 repair now! 

  • And now  avoidance of shifting money away  form other family needs. -

  • I feel  - the Mega Power Automotive Fuel, Engine. Transmission, Radiator, Steering and  A/C Service Products  - I explain their DO IT YOURSELF  usage in this site...  has helped me - and tens of thousands of others  keep  all our fuel system, engine, transmission, radiator , and steering components in our new, and older worn cars Tractor rigs, RVs Boat,  Motorcycle and machines going trouble free - when others -  laughing at our Mega Power Brand serving additive belief, end up with  premature engine transmission costly to fix problems - while our vehicles just continue to run great. 

  • This anti-wear idea as a valve lifter tapping problem solver product  saves us tens of thousands of dollars - or rather helps us keep tens of thousands of dollars in our family -  to pay down debt,  gain advantages to re-channel  money for family and charity - rather than on letting uncontrolled premature wear out  require the unexpected need to go in debt for new cars and equipment now and down in time.

  • So that why this site is different  and this product better in it offering to provide a different kind of valve lifter tapping repair option for you!

What the mechanic does to end valve lifter tapping.

  • ..Replacement of nosy valve lifters usually requires major disassembly of the engine to replace them. 
  • While just one lifter is what usually causes tapping, all 8 to 24 are replaced, along with other expensive repairs. Why?
  • Why? As a mechanic, come-backs are fewer when what's called a partial engine overhaul is performed. 
  • Partial includes new lifters, plus a $1000 machining process to clean and re-seat your motors 8 to 24 valves the lifters operate.
  • But ignores replacing new piston rings, new bearings and new oil pump - lowering cost to $2500 for cars, lower than $5000 or so for large diesels.
  • Besides being costly, it  takes up to 10 days without the car or truck usage during repair. 
  • That's what a auto repair shop repair is like.

What are valve lifters? Alternative to replacing them.

  • When engine trouble occurs, its usually sudden, but its cause starts back in time when your car/ equipment was newer, and running perfectly well.
  • This,  newer, and running perfectly well  state actually started your tap!

Us car buffs, up on real-car-care  listed here  - know its not so.  And I' the country's expert on it,

  • We know only Mega Power products have the only features and ingredients to use in our good running vehicles to stop the future problems growing in our good running vehicles.  
  • We know  Mega Power stops acids and friction  wear and removes residues, no synthetic oil, or other additive can.  If not  installed in good running  motors- tapping and premature wear out and tapping occurs.  "My good running vehicles don't need additives"  you think!
  • However,  tapping problems, and other avoidable wear and tear problems start when your engine is newer - and make you think nothing more is needed. 
  • Latter on, when it still should be OK it is not!

For you, if you give this a read and try whats suggested, will end your tap in a  cheaper, better way! Show you what to do with the same  product to protect your good running vehicles from such future troubles.

Our method is cheaper in the long run and we have stronger, better running vehicles years longer that those - using other car/equipment care methods.  It's cheaper to nip the problem early, that later. My expertise will show you what to do both ways!

This method I found!

How  do the products listed here do so, other do not?

  • Acids start the problem. From sulfur in oil and fuels. 
  • Its  speeded up as sticky rings and valves allow more of it from combustion to mix with your oil. Hey, I though that good oil I use prevents that! [The oil, parts sellers fooled you]
  • Driving lets the Mega Power Clean out acids, heal the acid pitted surfaces they damaged, and remove the sludge it formed to cause tapping.
  •  his is done in this way
  • Mega Power stops lifter tapping by opening blocked oil flow to the lifters, and by chemical freeing of its stuck adjuster, allowing the adjuster to move outward to close wear spacing, ending the space that makes tapping. 

As a Holistic Treatment, Mega Power also...

  • Ends blow-by,  the most likely cause of acidic sludge, making and cause of  lifter  sticking and tapping. 
  • Mega Power also removes sludge  that makes sticky piston rings, ending their lazy combustion  mix with motor oil.
  • MC+ ingredients heal damage by acids, smooths the surface, and fill the worn space throughout the engine and transmission  if added to it.
  • Now, if that chunk of info seems plausible, give an order a try. 
  • You will be onto something That ads race car zip to brand new cars, makes them shift smoother, and go 20 to 40 more miles on each tank if fuel. and stay that way as long as you want - with touch ups of Mega Power.
  • The troubled vehicle should run as good as new, and quiet again, also.

This review will provide you a cheaper, better, valve lifter tapping repair fix, and its budget-wrecking avoidance - leaving you with a better performing vehicles - if you provide good running vehicle the same fix listed here,  to have all of them run trouble-free years longer, giving you better usages of thousands of dollars  repair expense avoidance, and now  more money shifted for other family needs.

it can be cheaper You should consider having the diagnosis verified prior to undertaking any major engine repair."  End.

Additives that fix or quiet noisy lifters.

  • An alternative for a $3000+ motor disassembly to replace tapping lifters is an additive treatment from Mega Power 
  •  Mega Power's fix for noisy lifters is  a combination of chemical ingredients packaged as a treatment you add to the fuel tank and motor oil.
  • Mega Power solves this complex and costly to repair problem holistically for under $4 00  for diesel trucks  - not $5000+. 
  • Cars and small pickups  under $250 if a mechanic installs Mega Power for you.
  •  Around $100 if you install it. its easy to install and driving after the install quiets the tap, permanently.
  • Details, explained below.
  • Thousands of man or women car owners, not just mechanics,  have use Mega Power as their fix for noisy lifters - in place of costly repair. 
  • Here's how to order Mega Power. Sold only online.

Mega Power is an Additive Fix for Noisy Lifters  Ends Valve Lifter Tap and its Cause

  •  Mega Power is a treatment using 6 items in 2 steps. It is easy to install. However a complex action becomes the quieting fix for noisy lifters. This is done by adding Mega Power to the motor as shown and then driving.  
  • Driving let the Mega Power Cleaning and freeing chemistry work out an end lifter tapping. This is done in this way
  • Mega Power stops lifter tapping by opening blocked oil flow to the lifter, and its freeing of its stuck condition, is done by other chemistry in the treatment.  Holistic, it also...
  • Ends blow-by,  the most likely cause of lifter  sticking and tapping. 
  • Mega Power also removes sludge to stop other engine problems.
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